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The 5 Best Areas To Focus on With Your New Bathroom

The 5 Best Areas To Focus on With Your New Bathroom


Getting your bathroom remodeled doesn’t just add niceties and comfort for yourself. It also increases the value of your home and makes it more attractive to potential buyers. The thing with remodels is, you want to get it right the first time. Making the wrong choices can leave you with a room with less space than you started off with in the first place. There’s also plenty of water flowing through the room, so a remodeling mistake can cause leakage and start water damage in other areas of the home. You’ll want to start off by deciding what you want to focus on, then determining a budget and a schedule for your project. The following list will help you to determine what to focus on so that your project is a success. These ideas will help you to choose remodels that improve your bathroom’s quality as well as the value of your home.

Leave budgetary room for unexpected expenses

When you are remodeling your bathroom, you will likely have your contractor look over the room first, and you might be surprised at what they find. Contractors might find that the floor has water damage, or that there is a serious leak somewhere else in your system. If you don’t find something immediately, that room that you left in your budget goes back into your pocket. It can also be valuable to keep around for repairs down the line—even remodels don’t hold up forever!

Hiding the toilet

Hiding the toilet with a well-placed wall can make the entire bathroom feel more discreet and attractive. Even using some type of furniture can create the same effect. Basically, you want to create a barrier—but it doesn’t have to be something as expensive as a new wall. A narrow cabinet where you can place your supply of toilet paper and other supplies would suffice.

Water Efficiency

This is something that most home builders didn’t worry about 25 years ago. But today, saving water means saving money, and that is attractive to both home owners and potential buyers. Choosing the right toilets, faucets, and showerheads can be the difference between saving hundreds of dollars a year.

The 5 Best Areas To Focus on With Your New Bathroom

Spend on your shower or bath

Spending on the shower is almost a prerequisite to increasing the value of your bathroom these days. Today, people are much more attracted to new showers than bath tubs, and that means installing larger showers with room and storage space for soap and other amenities. Showers that wow have multiple showerhead options, and some even have a place for sitting down. But one cannot discount the coziness of a bath tub. One could simply lay there soaked in aromatherapy oil and forget the worries of life for a bit. There are walk-in baths equipped with lift seats that make it easier for people with challenged mobility to enjoy a full bath with less help. Such baths are also designed for effortless and safe entry and exit, with wide-opening, easy-access doors.

Lighting is key

Lighting is a major part of remodeling your bathroom. You can improve your lighting by adding multiple layers. There’s your ceiling lighting, mounted lighting above the sink, and even shower and toilet lighting. Most contractors are now installing LED lights which are brighter and save you energy and money.


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Cool and Convenient Pantry for Efficient Food Storage

Cool and Convenient Pantry for Efficient Food Storage


Storage areas are essential elements in keeping the house clean and organized. Household items that are rarely used are usually placed in the attic, garage or basement; personal items go to the closets; and food supplies stay in the kitchen cupboards and refrigerator. But since the kitchen is one of the busiest rooms in the house, you may want to think about upping the cupboards with an efficient pantry.

Convenient Pantry 

This is a small room designed for storing food and kitchen provisions, usually with a clean and organized look that makes it convenient to find items or make an inventory of supplies.

A pantry usually features shelves and racks that are built along its walls, from top to bottom. There are also storage aids like baskets, caddies, or jars to keep the supplies well organized.

Easy Organizing

The heavy items are usually placed at the bottom levels of the shelves, the commonly used items at eye level, and the rarely used at the topmost levels. You don’t have to open several cupboards to find ingredients for your meal.  Everything you need is within sight and confined in one area. This makes it quicker and easier to get the things you need for preparing meals. Even kids or household members who do not know their way around the kitchen can easily find their bearings in the pantry.

Cool and Convenient Pantry for Efficient Food Storage

Time and Money Saving

Having designated places for every food provision can also help in monitoring supplies and make grocery shopping more efficient. You can make a grocery list by simply looking at the empty spots in the shelves.

Health and Safety

Separating the storage for food items from other kitchen supplies also help protect the family’s health. It ensures that food is stored in a clean and dry area, away from possible contaminants or spills from the kitchen.

Cool and Convenient Pantry

Aside from the convenience of ample space and organized storage, a pantry can also improve your interiors because it leaves a neat and clutter-free look for the kitchen. Homemakers who want to enjoy these benefits can start considering having a pantry in the house. Those who can’t afford space for a pantry with door may find a small nook in their kitchen where floor to ceiling shelves can be installed and used as an open pantry.