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Things to Do Before You Move

Things to Do Before You Move

When moving, some people do not remember all the places where they need to file a change of address. Most simply us a USPS change of address form or a service like and leave the rest to chance. Even if you use a one-stop service to change your address, there are still some notifications that are easy to forget. It is always best to make an actual checklist to see if everyone has been properly notified.

Utility & Maintenance Companies

These are the first change of address contacts that receive a notice. It is hard to forget them, since most of the time, unless you are moving out of state, you will have to transfer service. Gas, water, electricity, sewer, trash and recycling, and telephone services do not usually require a second thought.

Cell phone companies also need to be notified of the change. Because it is common to keep the same number, and because service is nationwide, people do not often think about changing the address on their accounts. Most people also opt for paperless billing, which places it even lower on a priority list. Often, the change of address here can be handled with a simple phone call or by logging into your account online and manually editing your contact information.

You will also need to communicate with other contracted laborers for your move. Housekeepers and cleaning companies should be given enough notice so that they can plan to show up at your new residence. If you no longer plan to use them, it is courteous to let them know so that they can adjust for the change in schedule and the loss of revenue. Lawncare professionals and pool maintenance firms should get the same notice as cleaning companies.


Doctors, veterinarians and dentists do not often top the list of those who need to be notified when there is a move. Often, people do not update their addresses until they attend their next scheduled visit and the receptionist verifies the personal information on file. Schools, home security, credit card companies, and insurance companies usually get the notice, as you do not want your personal information to fall into the wrong hands. Frequent flyer programs, subscription services and local gym memberships need to be notified as well. They often send promotional items via mail and new residents at your old home will consider this junk mail.