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Using Vinegar Around Your House

Using Vinegar To Effectively Remove Limescale And Other Grime Around Your House

Aside from being one of the most common ingredients in every delicious food and delectable dishes, vinegar is also a great cleaning agent. The distilled type of vinegar do have lots of characteristics that makes it work best in terms of removing limescale and other unwanted stuff you see around your home, especially at your kitchen or bathroom.

Nowadays, white distilled vinegar and apple cider vinegar are embraced by many as a household cleaner. It effectively removes and kills most type of bacteria and germs because of its great acidic level. Some even uses this as an economical and environment friendly disinfectant at home.

Vinegar (along with baking soda and lemon) are great for cleaning purposes.

Here are some examples where you can use white vinegar as an effective alternative for commercialized products.

Cleaning your sink fixtures that have limescale build up.

Mix a teaspoon of vinegar along with 2 tablespoons of salt and you will get a paste like cleaning material. Use this to scrub off your sink.

Cleaning Mattresses And Getting Rid Of Stains

Depending on the stain, a mixture of either vinegar and baking soda or of hydrogen peroxide, liquid dish soap, salt will make your mattresses spotless. Ready your vacuum cleaner as well.

Put some vinegar in a spray bottle and spray on stained spots one at a time. Make sure they are really moist, put some baking soda on the wet spot and let it fizz. Leave to dry then vacuum up the leftovers later. This kills off the mites and remove them from deep within the mattresses.

The other mixture should 1/4 cup of hydrogen peroxide, a tablespoon of liquid dish soap, and 1 tablespoon of salt. Mix the ingredients to make a paste, spread it on the stains and let dry. Vacuum or scrape off later. When there’s still some left, dip a piece of cloth in hydrogen peroxide and leave on top of the stain to absorb it.

Remove beddings and mattress covers and wash them in hot water to kill dust mites.

Deodorizing and disinfecting your drain.

Pour in a cup of baking soda at the drain then add a cup of hot distilled vinegar. Letting the mixture sit for a span of 7 minutes or so will allow it to suck in the odor and few known germs and bacteria. Run hot water down the drain after said time is met to make it more effective.

Removing soap and odor that builds up from your dishwasher and washing machine.

Just pour in a cup of white distilled vinegar inside the machine. Let it run in full mode or cycle. Make sure that both machines are empty.

Remove bad odor from your newly cleaned oven.

Soak a piece of sponge into the distilled vinegar. Use the sponge for the final rinse.

Using Vinegar To Effectively Remove Limescale And Other Grime Around Your House

Removing price tags and labels from your newly owned stuff.

If you wanted to safely remove labels and tags without damaging your shirt, pants or so, just cover the tag or label with cloth soaked in white vinegar. Leave it for a few hours and the tag and labels will peel off without hassle.

Disinfect doorknobs and other stuff around your house.

Just spray pure white distilled vinegar on the surface then wipe it dry. Aside from making it shine like a new, it kills germs and bacteria for you.

Before spraying and using vinegar as an alternative cleanser and disinfectant for your stuff at home, always remember that not all vinegar are created equal. Some are already mixed with spices and are by products of chemical mixtures. To get the full and beneficial effect, use only white distilled vinegar at home.

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“Green” Outdoor Lights for Safe and Secure Homes


There are several reasons why property owners should consider having a well lit outdoors. One is to make it easier for guests and residents to navigate the walkways and avoid accidental falls. Another is to provide additional security for the house because outdoor lighting eliminates shadows around the house. These are areas that can be used as hiding places for criminals. It can also bring out the beauty of the garden or front lawn during night time, thereby adding value to the house. Well chosen lights can deliver all these benefits while saving on energy and protecting the environment. Here are some eco-friendly options for an efficiently lit outdoors:

  • Solar Lights. Why pay for energy when you can get it for free? These outdoor lights use energy from the sun to illuminate their surroundings. This means lower electricity bills and no wire installation required in your outdoors. There are several types of solar light models that can make your patio, pathways, planting beds, and driveways look better. One can choose from different models of solar pathway lights, hanging lights, decorative lights and rope lights to be placed in strategic areas outdoors. Since these lights derive power from the sun, it will be inefficient to place them in shaded areas. Their charging capacity also diminishes at times when there are overcast skies or during rainy periods.
  • Motion Lights. These lights can serve dual functions while saving on electricity. Motion lights are activated only when it senses movement in the area. You don’t have to worry about racking up a huge electricity bill because it isn’t lit throughout the night. The light turns on only when you need it and it automatically turns off when no one is around. It also provides security by alerting you when somebody is approaching or whenever there is someone within the outdoor premises. These lights can be ideally placed near entryways to serve as a deterrent for criminals.
  • LED Bulbs. Light Emitting Diode (LED) bulbs are also electricity saving options. These tiny bulbs consume around ¼ of the electricity consumed by incandescent lights while emitting the same amount of illumination. One can leave them running throughout the night without worrying about the bill and their carbon footprint. Those who opted for solar lights can still make use of LED lights for shaded areas where solar lights aren’t appropriate. LED lights are also found to be more durable that their other bulb counterparts.

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One can easily create a safe and secure home environment by having some outdoor lights installed in their surroundings. The protection and aesthetic value of these fixtures are reasons enough to make a small investment for your home. Put these efficient and eco-friendly options at the top of your options and enjoy energy saving benefits, lower operational costs, and safe choices for the family.

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Table Ideas for Small Spaces

Table ideas for small spaces

Table Ideas for Small Spaces

Something happened between the Stone Age and today. The number of humans walking the earth has more than tripled, and now some of us find ourselves living in cramped or small spaces. With the limited surface area around us, we are then faced with the problem of finding pieces of furniture to complement our homes.

The dining table is something we all need in our homes. Just because, doesn’t mean you no longer need a dining table. You’d be delighted to know that there are many types of tables out there which have been designed specifically for small living spaces.

A lot of prayers have been answered with extendable tables. Simply put, these tables are adjustable…the table top is actually divided into two. If you have a lot of visitors coming over, just pull the table top apart then you can add an extra plank of wood or leaf in the middle, extend the legs to each side as well and voila! More space for plates as well as chairs. The extra leaf can also be stored easily within reach; under the table top when not in use.

These extendable and foldable tables can also function as your work area. You’ll find some with tiny drawers going down along the sides, where you can store the stuff you need for your hobby or whatnot.

If you plan to have a foldable table made, it’s best if the color matches that of your wall. This gives the illusion of continuity, as if the table was an appendage of the wall. This makes your room look more spacious than it really is.

Having  small spaces or living areas are not so much a liability, as it is a chance to challenge yourself into being creative. Find an extendable table to fit your needs, and you’ll feel like you’ve just struck gold.

Image above: Our dining table, usually for 6 people but could be extended for 8-10.


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A Guide to Hiring a House Cleaner

A Guide to Hiring a House Cleaner


Are you a career woman who’s out of the house for the whole day? Or a mom with your hands full with children that keeping your home tidy would be impossible? Maybe it’s time you hire a house cleaner.

No one would like to live in a messy, cluttered home, and if you don’t have the time to clean it yourself, then it’s a must to get a cleaning lady. She would be a big help in sweeping the floor, arranging things, and making every nook and cranny spotless while you’re busy with other things.

But before you hire a house cleaner, you need to keep some things in mind, here’s a guide to hiring a house cleaner.

Hire Directly or Through a Service

Choose whether you want to hire directly or consult the aid of a cleaning service/ agency. Hiring directly may be easier on your budget, but you’ll have to spend time calculating her salary and taxes. Also, if the house cleaner resigns or you terminate her services for some reason, finding a replacement will take a while. On the other hand, if you’re going to get a cleaning lady from an agency, replacements can come quick. You’ll also have no accounting responsibilities. However, cleaning service would, most of the time, come at a premium.

Background Check

Do background checks on potential house cleaners prior to hiring. Ask for references; contact previous employers and ask about her performance and work ethic. Check if the cleaner has records of past transgressions. It’s for your safety and peace of mind.

 Guide to Hiring a House Cleaner

Clearly Saying What You Need

Be clear about what you need. Do you want the cleaning lady to tidy up all rooms except the master’s bedroom? Is she going to just do the family’s laundry? Does she have to clean on Tuesday and Friday mornings only? Determine what needs to be done and how you like her to do it.

Determine Needed Products

Also ask her how they want to go through about cleaning the house. Does she need to use specific cleaning products? What tools should be provided? If you have reservations about her requests, then try to compromise.

Know the limits

Ask her what she can and she cannot do. You have to choose a house cleaner whose skills meet your needs.

Most of all, respect your helper

She is not someone you can just order about. Don’t make her do tasks outside her capacity. You can be firm, but also be kind. When hiring a house cleaner, show respect — she will appreciate you and would surely consider being kept in your employ.


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Things To Consider When Buying Blinds

Things To Consider When Buying Blinds

Are you planning a home or room redesign? Looking forward in buying and changing your window blinds? Then check this article first, it might help you in choosing and buying the right blinds for your own home or room.

Below are a few tips and some personal advice that you should read before even placing an order or immediately buying blinds for your house. Check it out.

Correct Measurement

First and foremost, you must get the exact measurement of your window. This is the very first thing or step you should do. You should carefully measure its exact length and width so that you can easily show it to the shop or store where you wanted to buy your blinds.

Always remember that each and every window of your house differs from each other (might be an inch or two) so getting all of their measurement one by one is essential. Never assume that windows at room A are the same size with room B.

Customized is the safest way to go…

Suitable Materials

Blinds are created with different materials. Normally they are made with metals, plastics, woods and fabrics. Choosing what is right or suitable for you and for the family members at home is an essential thing to do. Consider the health and safety of you and your family before buying. Some materials for example, fabrics, might be not suitable for the kids at home due to certain health (respiratory) conditions.

Things To Consider When Buying Blinds

Suitable Color or Style

Choosing a blind that complements or enhances that look and feel of your room or home is a wise decision. If you are quite hesitating or really don’t know what to buy, consult some interior decorator or even few of your family members or friends about the style and color. Choose the one that receives a lot of recommendation.

Know Its Purpose

Blinds most of the time, are bought and installed to block the sunlight from directly reaching the room or the inside of house. But sometimes, it’s not the case. There are instances that you wanted blinds for added decoration and even for added security or privacy at home. Knowing your exact reason or purpose of buying and installing can help you effectively choose the right blind.

The above basic but essential tips I gave can surely help you out in buying blinds. Following them in a manner you preferred can save you from a lot of stress, headache and expenses that buying a wrong kind or type of blind offers.

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The Coffee Table

The Coffee Table


A coffee table like an end table is something that everyone takes for granted. It’s there to sit your coffee on or prop your feet up on after a long day’s work. You prop your feet on the coffee table, set your drink on the glass accent table beside you and grab the television remote. But have you ever thought about the history of the coffee table. It is very interesting so listen in as we take a tour of how the coffee table came to be.

Beginning coffee tables were pretty much the same thing as the round end tables of today. Only then they were called tea tables and sat beside the couch or chair to serve the family and guest tea and biscuits from. During the 17th century in Europe it was usually a tall round top table making it easier for the pouring of tea. The great thing about it was that it could be stored against the wall as the top folded down until it was time to serve tea again. In the 18th and 19th century these were abandoned for tea trolleys instead.

Exactly when the tea table became a coffee table is unknown but it was marketed to the average home owner in 1920. The president of the Imperial Furniture Company decided that by cutting down the legs on the tea table you would have the perfect table to sit your coffee on and it could go in front of the couch. Production of coffee tables then reached an all-time high and is responsible for the table that accompanies your glass accent table today.

The coffee table of the 1920’s is closer to the modern tables of today than any other table that is low to the ground and sits in front of or beside a couch or chair. It has been extremely popular since people realized that it is the perfect place to put their coffee which probably had a lot to do with the name it has.

As far the function of the coffee table there are many. People use it as a causal table to play games, store magazines and put their feet up on to watch television. It’s used for Super Bowl parties, Halloween candy and everything in between.

Whether you use the coffee table or the round end tables that are also very popular knowing the history of the coffee table is a fun tidbit to learn.

How ’bout coffee? – somewhere in Vienna