How to Use Loft Space Effectively

How to Use Loft Space Effectively


Many people think a loft and an attic are the same; these are not. While both areas are perched under the roof of a house, you should never confuse one for the other. An attic is an enclosed space (confined just like a typical room in the house), complete with a door. In contrast, a loft is an open space.

You probably have one in your house. If you do, consider yourself fortunate. Since a good storage space is at a premium these days, having a loft can be very practical. In fact, many people use their lofts to store clutter they have amassed over the years.

However, considering there are other rooms in the house that may be turned into a storage area, it would be a good idea to convert the loft into something more useful. Actually, loft conversions are quite popular these days. Most people have discovered just how valuable a loft could be especially as far as expanding their homes go. What’s more, since loft conversions are done inside the house, there’s no need to secure licenses or building permits from local authorities. For all intents and purposes, you are not undertaking a new construction. Instead, you are merely “adding to” or enhancing an erect edifice.

So how can you effectively use a loft space? Well, here are some ideas:

1. Office

This is a perfect option for people who work or may want to work from home. The location of the loft provides privacy, which is very important if you want to get things done. Moreover, its distance from the other rooms in the house where most activities take place makes it the most conducive area to work.

2. Bedroom

This is one of the most popular options when it comes to loft conversions. Given the height of the place, it offers a great view, which provides the perfect backdrop for rest and relaxation. Floor-to-ceiling windows that offer a picturesque view of the outside would be ideal. In addition, it ensures the abundance of natural light.

Loft bedrooms are perfect for teenage children – it provides them the privacy they crave without having to move out of the house. You can also use it as a guestroom. However, if you plan to convert the loft into living space, you might need to construct a bathroom there, too.

3. Private Living Room/Family Room

If you value your privacy a lot, then having a second living room would be a good idea. Fit the room with a TV, an audio-video system, gaming consoles, and the like. Consider it your personal sanctuary where you can hang out with friends and family while enjoying movie nights. This is a good way to keep your main living room neat and tidy, and you can just use it as a receiving area for guests.

4. Music Room/Studio

Are you a budding singer or musician? The loft would be the perfect place to play your music or sing your heart out. Since it is way up there, you’re not likely to disturb other family members who may want peace and quiet. This is better than renting a place or making do with makeshift practice areas.

5. Gym

If you want to stay fit without leaving your home, then converting your loft into a gym is the best way to go. You don’t need to pay for annual membership fees anymore. Just use the money you’ll save to buy gym equipment for your loft.

After you have converted your loft into the room of your choice, spruce it up with some furniture, fixtures, and décors to give it a homier feel.


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9 Replies to “How to Use Loft Space Effectively”

  1. Coming from a large family we never had a loft as they just weren’t practical for anything. Looking at your pictures though, I’d love to have one now – I love the airy feel and look!

  2. I’m curious – would you still call it a loft if the only access to it was in the garage? When I was a child, we had a house with an “attic” that was open with no door – but it was in the garage, not the main part of the house. So would it be a loft or an attic?

  3. I really love this idea it is wonderful thank you for sharing because if you think about it you can use this idea with any home =}.

  4. I wish I had the extra space that a loft would provide. I live in a small apartment, with absolutely no extra room for anything. And OMG, that picture is gorgeous! Do people really live like that??

  5. I wish I had a loft area in my house, if I did it would most likely be an extra bedroom with a study section; and with a few extras such as a tv, gaming consoles and storage display area for my anime collection…

  6. I would love to be able to move into a place that looks like that. A loft is so cool and of course, the picture shows a beautiful decorated space. Maybe when I sell my house in the burbs I will move into a city loft.

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