Mudroom Benefits for Modern Homemakers


Dirt and clutter is a homemaker’s nemesis especially during the wet season when kids often come home with mud soiled shoes. Maintaining a clean and organized home can be made easier by having a mudroom or a well structured entry hall in the house. A mudroom is usually a small space or room near the entrance of the house that can help homemakers limit the mud, dirt, and other outside elements from getting inside their homes. It is common for houses built in farms and snow-prone areas to have mudrooms built beside the kitchen or house entry, but some modern homes and apartments also have this pocket space incorporated in their designs and they’ve all enjoyed its benefits.

Cleanliness is obviously the primary benefit of having a mudroom at home. There is no need to follow the kids around with mop in tow whenever they come into the house on a rainy day or after a wet soccer game. Dirty shoes, clothing and equipment can be contained in the mudroom where it can be tackled in your own terms. The same goes for dirt, dust or mold coming from the outside during the rest of the year. Having a clean home enables you to protect your family against harmful bacteria or disease causing germs. Aside from cleanliness, homemakers can also benefit from the additional storage that a mudroom can provide. The simple installation of wire racks, shelves, cabinets or pegs can give you ample space to keep shoes, coats and jackets, umbrellas, sports gear and other things that are usually left cluttered around the house.

Mudroom designs can range from Spartan rooms with a coat stand, mat, and umbrella bin, up to well equipped ones with built-in storage units, tiled floors and drain. Determining the type of mudroom that you will build in your home should be based on the family needs. People who live in rural areas or families with kids who are active in outdoor sports usually encounter a lot of dust and mud from the outside while those who live in condominiums and apartments in highly urbanized areas normally deal with little dust or mud in their homes. Homemakers that deal with a lot of outside elements in cleaning the house should consider investing in a well-equipped mudroom made with durable, easy to clean, and moisture proof materials.

Fighting dirt and tackling day to day clutter can be made easier by designating a mudroom in the house. Containing dirt and mess in one area is an efficient way to manage cleanliness in the house and give homemakers more room in their schedules for other tasks.

Space for shoes under the seat. (by Crystal Kitchen Center)


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  1. I love the space for organizing things! I have wanted to make one of these bench areas in my mudroom for awhile now… just gotta get my hubby to help

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