Poring over Wallpaper’s Edge on Paint

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Homeowners often face the dilemma of choosing between paint and wallpaper for their homes. These two options have almost equal advantages and disadvantages that can make it very difficult for one to decide. Paint is usually the preference for those are concerned about costs and practicality. It’s easy to apply and the job can even be finished by just one person. When it comes to maintenance not much is required from painted walls, simply scrub off or paint over stubborn dirt and stains. The wallpaper may be a bit more expensive and more tedious to maintain but it does have some edge over the good old paint.

The most obvious advantage of wallpaper against paint is in the design and texture. One can find a wide variety of wallpaper designs in most home improvement centers or handyman shops. Unlike the plain solid colors or block colors offered by a standard paint job, wallpapers can offer various prints from simple to intricate designs. Those who would like to have some texture on their walls have the option to get bead, lace, sequins, and ribbon on their wallpaper. These designs are sure to add value to any room in the house. Wallpapers are also great in covering-up or camouflaging cracks or holes in the wall that may be a part of the normal wear and tear of the walls or some other reason. No paint job can cover these cracks and holes, but placing wallpaper over it will definitely solve the problem. The same goes for fire damaged wall or walls that have soot stains. Patching-up these imperfections becomes more important for those who would like to re-sell the house as cracked or stained walls can decrease the value of one’s property.

Ultimately, the decision on whether to use paint or wallpaper on the walls would depend on the use of the room, the personal design preference of the owner, and the budget. Homeowners who put more value on the trendy interiors and aesthetic appeal of the walls can pore over the benefits of having wallpaper before making their final purchase decision.

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6 Replies to “Poring over Wallpaper’s Edge on Paint”

  1. I would choose wallpaper over paint anytime if cost is not an issue! However, I find that a combination of both isn’t a bad idea. We have a feature wall in every room – a single wall is wallpapered and the rest of the walls painted. It worked out quite well!

  2. I love wallpaper but it is way too much work for me. I’d much rather paint and then get wall decals if I’m wanting a specific design.

  3. Im still not sure if I want my house and room to be wall papered or painted but I think a combination of both may be good.

  4. My husband and I have never used wallpaper until we recently redid our second bathroom – we are so please with the choice we made to use wallpaper and add some great texture to the walls.

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