Flat Iron Care and Cleaning Tips

Flat Iron Care and Cleaning Tips


Flat Iron Care and Cleaning Tips: among the most used home appliances is your flat iron. There are many different types of this home appliance, but the most common ones are steam irons. The steam effectively straightens out wrinkles on your clothes. Although these do not really cost a lot of money, you still want to make sure that you care for your flat iron properly. Thus, it will have a long life to it and make them last a long time. Using a particular flat iron actually grows on you. You get used to a particular model or brand and know exactly how to handle it. You know now how to get the wrinkles out faster. And with less effort. It is understandable, therefore, for you to want your flat iron to last longer.


Regular Flat Iron

If you are using a regular flat iron, all you have to do is to wipe it down after every use. You have to wait for the iron’s surface to cool before doing this, of course. For coated iron surfaces, you have to make sure that you use a soft cloth to wipe any dirt or accumulated oil and hair products off the iron plate. If you need a cleaning liquid that is more powerful than water, you can use vinegar to take off stubborn dirt from the flat iron’s plate.

Steam Flat Iron

Steam flat irons are more complicated to clean. It would be highly advisable to read your product’s user manual. Check for any special care instructions. The manual would most likely contain several reminders and things to avoid when cleaning your flat iron. Among the most common no-no’s include using cleaning solutions in the water reservoir. Second, is pulling too hard on the power cord. And also, storing the iron in a non-upright position. You also have to pay attention to the type of water that you put in the water reservoir. There are some that cause mineral deposits. It could clog the steam vents or holes on the iron plate.

Proper Flat Iron Care and Cleaning Tips Important

You have to pay close attention to the manufacturer’s specific instructions on how to use and care for your flat iron. Whatever kind of flat iron you have, make sure to keep it functioning properly. In case of defects or malfunctions, you have to stop using your flat iron immediately and take it to a service center. Do not risk doing your own repairs as you might aggravate the problem. Own repairs could cause a more serious problem like an electrical short circuit or a busted power supply in your home.

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  1. ironing clothes is the chore that i hated to do most, aside from the heat, the flat iron we have is so heavy that my right arm aches afterwards.

    i do clean it before using, making sure it has no dust and particles under the plate 🙂

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