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Do not think that desk lamps have to be limited to being left on a work desk.  They are so versatile and good looking that they can be used in the bedroom as a bedside table, in kids room to provide extra lighting for drawing or puzzles and even in the sitting room for that extra bit of light when it gets dark.  There is a range of desk lights available from the first of its kind to a more modern looking lamp.

  various colors

When thinking of the quintessentially British desk lamp you think straight away of the Anglepoise lamp made by British designer George Carwardine.  Carwardine was a car designer and thought up the design for the revolutionary light whilst working on the cars.  He originally designed the light for working environments such as workshops, doctors and dentists surgeries and later slightly adapted his design for the home as he recognised its use within the home.

The lamp is available in different colours including black, red, ivory and chrome making it perfect to fit into most room colour schemes.  Kids will love this handy lamp as well, not only will it remind them of the famous Pixar lamp but it will light their homework as well as their games.  The traditional look of the lamp still looks great in modern rooms, bringing a more retro twist on a look.

If you are looking for a more contemporary desk lamp then look no further then Kevin T LED lamp available at  This lamp is a really different look to the Anglepoise lamp, much more modern looking with funky features such a electronic sensor on and off switch on the head of the lamp simply operated by touching the pilot indicator lamp on the head with your finger.  This 8.7 watt LED light produces a great lighting output whilst looking sleek in the home.  This light is available in three colours – black, white and anthracite – these colours go well in most homes and allow you the flexibility to move the light between rooms if the need for the lamp changes.

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  1. I prefer a more retro desk lamp style. But one of my biggest concerns is if the lamp will stay cool to the touch. I hate going to turn off a desk lamp and getting singed fingers. Not to mention we have curious cats who like to rub up against things and tip them over. Cats + hot lamps don’t mix.

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