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After Answering Nature’s Call: The Battle of the Potty Clean Ups

After Answering Nature’s Call:  The Battle of the Potty Clean Ups


Potty Clean Ups without Toilet Papers

Nobody likes discussing their private habits in public, nor potty clean ups.  Yet, there has been much argument lately about the benefits of using the bidet to clean up after answering nature’s call.  According to those who would like to promote the use of the bidet as an environment-friendly tool, using this handy toilet helper saves loads of toilet paper.  Yes, toilet paper comes from trees too.  So when you save on toilet papers, it just follows that you also contribute to keeping more trees from being cut and processed into consumer products.  There are also those who challenge this claim, arguing that it couldn’t possibly take a whole lot of trees to make TPs.  Besides, rolls of bathroom tissue are not exactly made from tree wood but rather from sawdust and trimmings.  Another environment-friendly benefit that bidets are supposed to provide is savings in water consumption.  You supposedly use less water when you use the bidet to wash down there.


Bidets, Less Expensive

Even as arguments continue to rage, more and more people are now having bidets installed in their home’s bathrooms.  This bathroom fixture has ceased to be accessories found only in French hotels and European homes.  It’s really not all that expensive to buy this fixture.  When you compute the cost of buying rolls and rolls of toilet paper all the time, you’ll find that it is actually way over the cost of buying a bidet.  While some people would stress that you still would have to use toilet papers to dry off your wet behind, you still would be using less since you’ve already washed the “dirt” off your privates.

More Hygienic

Bidets are also believed to be more hygienic.  There are just some things that cannot simply be wiped off with flimsy sheets of toilet paper.  You might not see it, but bacteria could still be left on your skin after you wipe off.  Washing gets more of the dirt out, assuring you of a cleaner bottom.  Your hands also need not get near your privates when using the bidet.  Whatever dirt is down there would not get transferred to your hands.

There are different strokes for different folks, so to speak.  You would certainly have your own after-potty practices that you feel comfortable with.  In the end, choosing whether to wipe or to wash will depend on what you find convenient, economical, and hygienic.



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  1. in my opinion using bidet is more hygienic than TPs, as it can clean clear the dirt 🙂

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