The Most Useful Plants in the World


Plants are very important to humans. It is vital as a source of food, textile for clothing, medicine, wood and other materials that are needed by our modern civilization. Without plants to provide those materials life as we know it would simply not be possible.

Important Plants

There are many different kinds of plants in the world. Some have practical uses to humans while others have no value to us. Still there are some plant species that are still waiting to be discovered. Even in today’s modern world there are still some plant species that remain unknown.

So that you can gain more information on plants and the role that they play on our lives, here are some of the most useful plants today:


Coconuts belong to the palm family and most people are aware of it through the coconut products that are mainly processed from the fruit. These are mostly food products, but there are some herbal products that are processed from it as well. Cooking oil that is sold in many countries are processed from coconuts. One of the good things about coconuts is that there are so many things that can be produced out of the fruit.

In the countries where the coconut is quite abundant, the coconut tree is used for producing many things. In fact almost every part of the plant is used in a practical way. For example, the leaves are used for wrapping food and trunk is used as lumber.


There are over 1400 species of bamboo and as you can expect there are many types and varieties of the versatile plant. They can grow in cold regions and in the tropics as well. Bamboo is classified as a grass and is known as the fastest growing plant in the world.

In many cultures especially in Asia, the bamboo plant plays an important role in the culture and society.  It is used for building materials, food and decoration.  Many Asian countries use bamboo for building their traditional homes. Even in modern construction bamboo is used for making scaffoldings that can reach great heights.


Hemp is a rather controversial plant. Though it is used for many things it is also identified as a source for marijuana, which is an illegal substance in many countries. But there are varieties of the plant which have very low levels of the psychoactive substance in it.

Hemp is used for making cordage and ropes. It is very important for this purpose because of its strength as a material. The fibre of the plant can also be used as textile and as a replacement for wood on furnishings.  The oil produced from the plant is important in making paint.

Hemp is also used as a food source. The seeds can be eaten raw and it can even be processed and turned into milk in the same way that soy beans are turned into soy milk.

These are just three of the most useful plants in the world today. For more information on how you can brighten up your life with plants check out the Gaddys Indoor Plant Hire site.

This article courtesy of Bee Burnell, a man with an enormous green thumb from Sydney, Australia.

bamboo up close

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15 Replies to “The Most Useful Plants in the World”

  1. I so agree with you about how important those plants are, specially the coconut. Here in the Philippines it’s called the Tree of Life. There are many products that can be derived from that tree. Thank you for sharing this 🙂

  2. Fast-growing bamboo is a wonder. I’d love to have bamboo floors and if I ever renovate, that’s what I’ll choose. And I just discovered the joys of coconut oil. So many uses! Cooking, skin care, oral care.

  3. This was a great blog. All the uses of the trees and knowing that plants and trees are so useful. I love coconut oil for cooking and it is great for the skin. Thanks for sharing this. 🙂

  4. This is a very informative and interesting post. I didn’t know that the bamboo is the fastest growing plant in the world either!

    I’ve recently discovered that coconut oil does wonders to my hair!

  5. Great post — you really don’t think about (at least I don’t) what plants are “most useful,” and, when you think of it, coconuts, bamboo and hemp have to rank right up there in usefulness.

  6. We should plant more of these trees. I like coconut, especially the pie that they make in the phillipines called buko pie, its so good.

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