How To Make Your Dishwasher Live Longer


The dishwasher is one of the most important appliances inside your home, especially at your kitchen. It makes life or kitchen chores easier for you. This is why it’s important to take good care of it and maintain its good working condition.
Some dishwasher tends to have a shorter life span compared to others. Some says it’s because of the brand name or how it’s made. But for me, it all depends on how you take care of it, the maintenance you do for it and the precaution you take to make the life of it to last longer than expected.

Below are few personal tips that work for me and for my dishwasher in terms of preserving its almost new and good working condition. Read it and you might find something great out of it.

Read The Manual First And Foremost

Just like other appliance, dishwashers are not created same or equal to each other. Reading what the manual says, especially the proper handling section is a must. Knowing more things and getting familiar with your dishwasher will always be the very first and important step among the rest.

Don’t Load All At Once

Make sure that the stuff you put inside are of reasonable weight, amount and size. Make sure that your dishwasher can operate normal with the amount of dish to be cleaned inside. A rule of thumb here is that, if you think or if it’s obvious that it’s already full, don’t stuff it all.

Watch Out The Water Temperature

Make sure that the water temperature, which is usually 140 to 160 (in safe and normal condition) is met. Otherwise it will just do no good for your dish along with your dishwasher’s system.

Periodical Cleaning Of Filter

our 6-year-old dishwasher

Filter must be checked from time to time. For sure there are food remains in there that creates water accumulation inside the system. Its normal and it happens most of the time. So cleaning it out and de-clogging it once in a while is a good practice for your dishwasher’s system and for your own safety as well.

If your dishes are still dirty after pulling it out from the dishwasher, it’s already a sign of a certain problem. Troubleshoot and find the root cause immediately if such situation happens. Call an expert or even the manufacturers of the dishwasher theme selves if you are having doubt and problems.

I am confident that with the above tips, you can surely make your dishwasher’s life last for few more years than expected. Your thoughts?

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