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Healthcare Providers Depend on Reliable Emergency Damage Services



We care a lot about our home, making sure that it is spic and span, if we could, we would make it free from any bacteria, although that may not be a good idea really. When unforeseen occurrences such as flood, storm, or the damage their bring happen, we call on experts to help us be out of the situation. It is no different with healthcare institutions.

Healthcare institutions and businesses are responsible for many individuals. These vulnerable people depend on the healthcare providers to ensure their safety in the adverse event of an unexpected emergency situation. Fires, floods and storms can wreck ruin on healthcare provider facilities causing alarm for the patients and distress for the healthcare owners. Most healthcare providers have an emergency response plan in effect should an unexpected emergency situation arise. Many in this area have chosen to rely on the stellar emergency response services and damage control efforts by DKI Services.

This superb damage control specialty company has gained many loyal supporters in the areas where many healthcare facilities exist. They know that this company keeps their promises to respond quickly to any emergency situation that might develop. Fires can often start in heating systems or in kitchens where patient food is cooked. Other scenarios involve massive water damage that can leak into the buildings from strong storms that bring heavy downpours and dangerous lightening. Sometimes, these lightening strikes hit close to these healthcare facilities. If trees are near buildings, a struck tree can be in danger of falling onto the building structure and even crashing through glass windows.

In an occurrence of flood…

High winds often wreck havoc on rooftops that have older type shingles that can easily break loose. If the roof is lifted up, massive water can drain down into the upper levels of the patient care settings endangering both staff members and their vulnerable and scared patients. While these medical professionals are trained to move their patients away from windows during severe storms, massive rainfall can cause building ceilings to begin to leak and even cause dangerous situations when light fixtures are wet. DKI Services are trained to assess these and other healthcare storm and other event damages swiftly to develop a safe plan to resolve the problems.

Often, patients must be temporarily moved to other locations in the building where damage is not evident. The expert responses by DKI Service technicians focus on containing the damaged areas, finding ways to stop the spread of damage and remedy the problem in the fastest and most efficient manner that assures patient and staff safety. If massive water has accumulated in the building, the team will pump out the water, and then they will seal openings. Call DKI first for damage restoration for healthcare settings.


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