Handy Tools for a Dandy Kitchen

Handy Tools for a Dandy Kitchen


ladle cradle in ceramic

One way to keep the family healthy is to prepare home cooked meals made from natural ingredients and to stay away from processed food items that are rich in artificial preservatives. Unfortunately, not all home makers look forward to preparing family meals and would rather have someone else do it for them.  Those who have little love for working in the kitchen can make their cooking task a bit easier by equipping the kitchen with some handy tools.


Less mess is less stress in the kitchen. Homemakers who often find themselves cleaning up after ladle drippings on the counter tops or stove can get a little help from the ladle cradle. This kitchen tool is specifically designed to hold a ladle or spoon as you cook. It is shaped like a small dish that is able to hold the ladle in an upright position making it easy for you to grab the handle when your dish needs stirring or tasting. The dish shape also allows it to hold drippings and keep them away from your countertops.

Magnetic knife rack

Knives are essential kitchen tools whether you plan to cook meals or simply toss a salad. As such, a nice looking knife rack can help keep your kitchen organized. Even if you haven’t figured out which knife is used for what, having your knives in one place makes it easier for you to find and switch tools in the midst of preparing meals. One can usually find a knife set that comes with a rack already. Those who have yet to buy their knife rack may want to check if it securely holds knives and protects them from getting dull.

Aside from knives, an apple slicer can also be handy in the kitchen. This tool makes peeling, coring and slicing apples a lot easier and safer too. There is little risk of users getting accidental cuts during the coring or peeling process as compared to using a knife.

You can also do two tasks at the same time because apple slicers are able to slice and peel apples at the same time. Some apple slicers can also be used in peeling potatoes and turnips or in slicing onions and tomatoes.

There are a lot more handy tools that can help even the most inexperienced cook or the culinary challenged individuals. Homemakers who intend to make a serious business out of preparing healthy family meals can start by finding their own tools for a dandy kitchen.

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