A Complete Guide to Moving into a New Office

A Complete Guide to Moving into a New Office


When a company moves into a new office is like moving house albeit smaller, it rarely goes smoothly. If you’ve never moved offices before, you may be under the impression that it’s a relatively simple process, but this tends not to be the case.

Moving into a brand new base of operations is a stressful act; it can be incredibly time consuming, and there are frequently niggles and disasters, which could not be foreseen, yet set you back nonetheless.

To put it bluntly, it’s not fun.

If you are planning on moving office any time soon – or even if you’re merely considering a future move – we’ve got a few tips to help the whole process go a little more smoothly. No more panicked last minute phone calls!

Pick Your Premises

This should always be your first step. You could, if needs be, go all-out and focus all your energies into finding a new place in a few short weeks, but we would advise setting aside three months as a minimum – this allows for a more leisurely pace. Make sure you set yourself a deadline, however.

As a small business, don’t be overly fussy about the aesthetics. No one expects you to be winning any fashion awards. Get a lease that suits your budget, and make sure that it fits all your requirements.

Plan, Plan, Plan

Because there are so many things that will need doing, you’ll have to start planning early. You will forget something otherwise.

If you can, start planning about three months before move-in. You’ll want to measure the premises and sort out furnishings, have a security company conduct a survey, obtain quotes on removals, sort out insurance, get the computers and phone lines sorted… the list goes on (and on).

Try and get the phone lines and the internet installed and ready to go a week before you move in. This allows a bit of wiggle room for delays.

Find Your Furniture

If you’re not looking to move all your current furnishings over to the new premises, you’d best get on the look-out for some new stuff!

There are two ways to go about this. First of all, you can choose everything yourself. Although this allows for the ultimate in customisation and you can shop around for the best deals, it can be very time-consuming.

The other way is to hire the services of a company that specialises in commercial interiors. Innova Solutions is one such company (though there are certainly others out there) – these firms can design, manufacture and even install your new office from ceiling to floor. Of course, they won’t come particularly cheap, but they can be worth it in terms of time saving.

Moving Day!

It has finally arrived. You will need the help of a removals firm; make sure your employees aren’t doing any heavy lifting.

Give the company a checklist of everything that needs to be moved; this ensures that they bring a van big enough for the job. It can be stressful to go back to work the day after the move, so perhaps give everyone the day off. Then you can crack open the bubbly and raise a toast to your fancy new HQ!

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7 Replies to “A Complete Guide to Moving into a New Office”

  1. Having been someone moving offices as well as owning a company that sold and installed office furniture, I can say that your tips are very good. The best: PLAN PLAN PLAN…..and then PLAN SOME MORE! Doing a formal plan in writing is best, and always run it by all of your suppliers so that they can see if you have missed anything!

  2. Thanks for the great tips! As someone that doesn’t really like change, I’ll definitely be keeping these in mind! (:

  3. Good tips. My boss told me that our office will be moving in the next couple of months and he would like me to give him some ideas about the best way to pack and I am going to have my own office!!

  4. I Work from Home and Need to REMODLE my office so much. You have given me some insite on what I need to Do and this transition for me will not be a light chore. TY

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