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Things To Consider When Buying Blinds

Things To Consider When Buying Blinds

Are you planning a home or room redesign? Looking forward in buying and changing your window blinds? Then check this article first, it might help you in choosing and buying the right blinds for your own home or room.

Below are a few tips and some personal advice that you should read before even placing an order or immediately buying blinds for your house. Check it out.

Correct Measurement

First and foremost, you must get the exact measurement of your window. This is the very first thing or step you should do. You should carefully measure its exact length and width so that you can easily show it to the shop or store where you wanted to buy your blinds.

Always remember that each and every window of your house differs from each other (might be an inch or two) so getting all of their measurement one by one is essential. Never assume that windows at room A are the same size with room B.

Customized is the safest way to go…

Suitable Materials

Blinds are created with different materials. Normally they are made with metals, plastics, woods and fabrics. Choosing what is right or suitable for you and for the family members at home is an essential thing to do. Consider the health and safety of you and your family before buying. Some materials for example, fabrics, might be not suitable for the kids at home due to certain health (respiratory) conditions.

Things To Consider When Buying Blinds

Suitable Color or Style

Choosing a blind that complements or enhances that look and feel of your room or home is a wise decision. If you are quite hesitating or really don’t know what to buy, consult some interior decorator or even few of your family members or friends about the style and color. Choose the one that receives a lot of recommendation.

Know Its Purpose

Blinds most of the time, are bought and installed to block the sunlight from directly reaching the room or the inside of house. But sometimes, it’s not the case. There are instances that you wanted blinds for added decoration and even for added security or privacy at home. Knowing your exact reason or purpose of buying and installing can help you effectively choose the right blind.

The above basic but essential tips I gave can surely help you out in buying blinds. Following them in a manner you preferred can save you from a lot of stress, headache and expenses that buying a wrong kind or type of blind offers.

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How Does DIY Window Insulation Compare to Window Replacement?

How Does DIY Window Insulation Compare to Window Replacement?


With a variety of do-it-yourself window insulation strategies advertised on the market, how are you able to make the decision between giving it a go yourself, or replacing your windows altogether? The alternative of DIY insulation can be off-putting; replacing single-glazed windows with double ones can be costly and inconvenient. But is replacement the best, and only, long term option, or can the temporary measures offer a better way through the cold, winter months?

Methods of DIY

There are lots of options out there, so it can prove difficult to work your way through the choices to find one that will actually be of use. One of the most divisive ones out there is to create your own double glazing.

This can be done by wrapping cling film over the whole of your window, then heating it with a hairdryer. This may sound cheap, easy and quick, but there are of course downsides. You won’t be able to open the windows whilst you have the cling film on there, and it’s obviously bound to be a little messy. Various companies have developed sheets that you can buy that essentially do the same job, that look a bit cleaner and stick better, but they tend to leave a sticky residue on the windows when they’re removed. Although many people are understandably skeptical about this method, it has been proven to help reduce heat-loss through windows by up to 40%.

This method can help with drafts too, but there will still be areas in your house that will let drafts in, particularly if the building is old. There are ways to solve this problem, however, either with special strips bought from various high street hardware stores or by using cloth draft excluders – either old clothes or fabric tubes filled with rice. Though they can be effective, they don’t solve the problem of heat-loss through your windows.

It can be hard to provide percentages on how much heat you lose when there’s a draft as it becomes a matter of wind entering your home, not just inefficient window insulation. It is vital to fix this problem if you want to optimise the temperature in your home as the degrees drop this winter.

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The professional solution

The other option is to turn to the professionals, and to upgrade your windows to new, UPVC double glazed ones. Looking at the prices and sale guides from Anglian Home, modern UPVC windows cost no more than a couple hundred pounds, depending on the size and shape you go for. This may seem like a large upfront payment, especially when the alternative could be a roll of cling film, but do they save enough money on energy bills to justify the big change?

The short answer is yes. Getting fully insulated windows have been proven to actually save you over £100 over a year in heating bills, so they are definitely the only option to consider if you’re going to be living in a place for more than a couple of years. The idea of changing all of your windows can be a daunting prospect, but it actually usually on takes a couple of days and comes with a 10-15 year guarantee if purchased with the right provider.

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Introducing The Remote Control Platinum Power Blinds System

Introducing The Remote Control Platinum Power Blinds System


Platinum Power Blinds System

When it comes to blinds, only the best will do for our customers. That’s why the team at Thomas Sanderson have created the revolutionary remote control Platinum Power System.

Platinum Power System – how does it work?

Remote control platinum power blinds system is available in an array of designs. Breathing life into your home with a selection of home and conservatory shutters – using infra-red and radio frequency technology. The system is brought to you by leading blinds and shutters manufacturer, Thomas Sanderson.

Requiring just one touch of your remote or control panel allows you to perform different tasks from anywhere in the home or conservatory; whether you’re adjusting how much shade, light, privacy or heat you require.

The benefits

You mean other than being a trendy centrepiece within the home? The design professionals at Thomas Sanderson have also taken into account a number of different elements, including:

1.     Improved child and pet safety

– free from any hanging cords and chains as it is all remote/control panel operated means any risks are instantly eliminated

– thus, your cat is safe and so is your child

2.    Roof-friendly

– ideal for roofs and other difficult to reach areas

– darkens the room when there’s too much sunlight

3.     Advanced fabric technology

– each of the tailor-made blinds will react according to the temperature of your conservatory, working to reflect glare and heat during the hot sunny days whilst at the same time insulating your home during the winter season.

4.    Multiple functionalities

– Instead of targeting one area, you can now reach numerous blinds simultaneously so they adjust all at the same time. Alternatively, you can even schedule them to adjust automatically at your preferred time of day.

Introducing The Remote Control Platinum Power Blinds System

Choose Thomas Sanderson

We’re extremely proud to have been serving the homes and organisations of Britain for over 20 years with our vast collection of window shutters and blinds. With each of our custom made blinds individually designed to your conservatory measurements, no matter the shape, angle or size, our experts ensure your handmade blinds are finished to an optimal fit.

With over 250 different colours and fabrics to choose from, you can rest assured you will find the style of blinds that suits your home, and with over 160 designers on hand to help you in your choice of style, the choices available will help you to make the most of relaxing in your favourite room, with just the right amount of light to suit your mood.

The professional designers will work with you to make sure your bespoke requirements are taken care of, shading and styling are extremely important to the feel of a room, that’s why Thomas Sanderson take great pride in providing a truly professional service for each of their clients.

We also provide a free survey and installation service, free design consultation and deliver a bespoke service based on your needs. Why not pay them a visit today.

I’m interested!

With the remote control blinds Platinum Power System? We thought you’d like it! To find out more simply request a free brochure – or why not take advantage of our Spring Sale? Get 3 for 2 on conservatory blinds – call us for free on 0800 056 2929 now.


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To Bare or Not To Bare: How to Use Full Wall Windows to Suit Your Needs

To Bare or Not To Bare: How to Use Full Wall Windows to Suit Your Needs

Having a wall of windows is a growing preference of homeowners especially in locations where there are great views. Even those living in condominiums and urban apartment can choose to have such windows for a wonderful view of the cityscape at night. There are pros and cons of having this kind of window though. Knowing how to deal with these factors can help you decide on whether you are going to bare or not to bare.

The best thing that people like about these windows is the way they bring the natural light into the house. Whether in country homes or in smaller urban spaces, the natural light that streams into these windows can brighten up any space like no other type of artificial lighting can. Plus, there are also environmental benefits to using these windows. With the availability of natural light, there is no need to use electricity to turn on your light bulbs.

The biggest issue about using full wall windows is privacy. Since they are too open, people outside can easily see what’s inside. Even if you do not want to think about such negative things as the possibility of attracting burglars, there is still the matter of your personal privacy to think about. You certainly do not want to be a peep show for the passers-by out on the sidewalk.

To address the cons and to be able to enjoy the pros, here are some tips you may want to consider:

Have sheer curtains that still let in the light but give you ample coverage against prying eyes. Your fabric store would most likely have these curtains in various sizes. Or you can have them custom-made with the exact dimensions of your window. Choose white or beige for a barely-there look and feel.

How to Use Full Wall Windows
Sunny Side

Install blinds that you can draw open or close depending on what you fancy. You can choose to open up in the mornings and then draw the blinds at night when you are getting ready to cozy up and share private moments with your family. You can choose Roman blinds in lighter fabric for coverage that does not look too heavy on the eyes.

There are some types of windows that can effectively bring the outside light in but is not see-through from the outside. Think of it like a one-way mirror where you can see the other side but those on the other side cannot see you. Ask your local home depot or window specialist about these window options.

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Soundproof Windows For A Quieter Life At Home

Soundproof Windows For A Quieter Life At Home

Your home is meant to be a resting and relaxation place for your mind and body. This is one area wherein you should freely relax and unwind. But there are times that the noise from your neighbor, outside your house and even from a strong wind or humming sounds can distract you a lot. This is where soundproof windows can help you out.

Here are some of the benefits of having soundproof windows at home:

Effective Noise Barrier

According to tests conducted by the experts, a soundproof window can dramatically reduce unwanted noise by up to 95%. This is the reason why for some schools, soundproof windows are installed to keep the students away from outside noise or distraction. When used at home, it can surely give you the quite and relaxing place you wanted. Even if there is a party happening outside your house or in a neighbor’s place, soundproof windows can effectively block the loud noise it can bring.

Effective Dirt Filter Or Barrier

Aside from keeping disturbing noise away from your home or room, soundproof windows can also prevent dirt and dust to enter. It totally eliminates the entry of all types of dust articles. This is also the reason why some big companies with high tech computers and gadgets inside their room, opt to get soundproof windows as a way to keep foreign objects and harmful dust particles to get inside gadgets and computers.

Soundproof Windows For A Quieter Life At Home

Effective Insulator

When soundproof windows are placed and installed in existing windows, it leaves a gap in between. That gap is filled with air that acts like an insulator. It keeps the outside temperature, no matter if it’s hot or cold from affecting the inside temperature.

Aside from giving you the quietest place as possible, the above mentioned benefits are also few of the many reasons why soundproofing the windows are becoming beneficial for the home.