A Career in Real Estate

Not so long ago, I thought of delving into the property market. It was and still is an inviting industry in Singapore with the property prices reaching unbelievable heights. The agent whom we worked with encouraged me, albeit unintentionally, to consider getting into sales. What’s inviting is the working hours flexibility apart from the commission that is relative to the sale one makes.

I didn’t ask the agent though whether she went through sales training or a formal real estate investment school like Nouveau Riche University. This school specializes in teaching the ins and outs of property sales and investment. Their curriculum, listed on their website is very extensive and promises attractive careers to its students.

Seems like a highly specialized school such as Nouveau Riche University can give an aspiring real estate agent or a potential investor a good foundation in the economics involving this type of investment. The school promises a follow-through after the course so that what they learned will be put into action. This is aside from the hands-on training they’ll get as part of their curriculum.

Even buyers can take advantage of selected courses from Nouveau Riche University. This can only equip them with more knowledge before making a life-changing investment.

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