If you are thinking of buying your dog its own house, you should consider a few factors before you hit the pet store. One of the most important factors that you should be mindful of is your location. A doghouse would mean protection and safety for your dog when it is outdoors most of the time. In addition, a doghouse should be comfortable for your pet if it is a full-time resident outdoors. When you search the Internet, you will find various types of doghouses. If you wish to buy your dog a heated doghouse, you need to consider if your location really calls forRead More →

  Other than being a decorative element in your home, an aquarium can also have therapeutic benefits. Homeowners and the rest of the people in the household can relax simply by watching the fish swim around in their own little world. Studies have already found various health benefits that result from keeping an aquarium at home. Some of those that were reported to have enjoyed a more relaxing feeling while observing fishes in an aquarium include hyperactive children and hypertensive adults. During stressful or overly active times, it is advisable that people stop and divert their attention to the aquarium. They can spend a fewRead More →

Have you heard of dog DNA testing?  It sounds so CSI-ey for me. Hee hee.  It is my first time to hear about it and it made me curious to know what it is for.  But before I hit Google search, my hunch is that this testing helps in developing better dog breeds, among the many other purposes.  Especially so that dogs act as enforcer of peace and security anywhere from malls to airports.  Aren’t they the coolest?Read More →

My daughter and I were walking back to the car park yesterday when she saw two puppies tied to a post at a restaurant.  The puppies were so playful, no doubt passersby took notice of them. Then a thought came to mind.  Assuming that the owners work full days during the week, do they have someone come over to their house to baby sit their pets?  Or do they enrol the puppies to something like Doggy Day Care Rozelle? Australians no doubt love animals.  And aside from pet care shops, pet stores (e.g. pugaliers for sale sydney) there are a lot of other business I’mRead More →