I noticed how my (blog) posting/writing has turned from bad to worse.  I remember how diligent I was when I started blogging, always using MS Word and its Thesaurus and spell check functions.  But as years went by and especially now that I seldom sit in front of my computer for more than 20 minutes straight, I felt more and more impatient and careless about what I publish on the Internet. I was so conscious with my grammar, spelling and tenses before but lately, I just don’t care anymore.  But the guilt is still there.  Like I think, what if my little girl reads allRead More →

With the weather still pretty much”summer-like” in this Autumn month of March, people still hie off to the beaches to escape the heat.  There’s no stopping these beach lovers from enjoying the waters despite the high-alert on shark appearances on the big and popular beaches here in Sydney.  Just today, a roaming chopper on Bondi beach sent an alarm to the lifesavers when they saw two sharks getting near the beach shoreline.  The lifesavers did a good job clearing the beach but thirty minutes after the sharks were chased away, the beach’s patrons went running back to the waters.  What an adventure for them, huh?  Read More →

If only I have the interest to pursue it, a good work from home opportunity is in stock trading since work is primarily done online. One just needs to join an online brokerage firm, know the basics, get some training and voila, you can be an online broker. Like what my friend did, she started with her own money and a small amount at that. She made sure that she gets the feel of the whole workflow first before she sunk her teeth into it. After a few weeks, she found the results to be encouraging, she started investing more. Now, she’s a lot moreRead More →

Egad! I think I’m going to give in and get a Flickr pro account! Sigh. I want a ‘sacred’ place for my personal (not necessarily family/friends/group photos) and favorite photographs and i.just.might.sign.up soon. Having that pro account might inspire me to capture more photos. I miss going out with my dslr! I admit I was once intimidated with Flickr because there are tons of really cool photos published there and mine are just like.. oh well. But now I’m a bit more daring and I’d probably join Flickr groups as well! Nu-ni-nu-ninu.Read More →

As I’m trying to pace myself with all the tasks I have and want to do, I find that I’m becoming more impatient.  I’ve set out a couple of personal projects, which I think will be on the shelf again for I don’t know how long.  Oh, those boxes of photos that I want to organize in a nice album.  The photos I want to put in digital scrapbook layouts and my online photo albums that need sorting, etc. etc. etc.  Maybe in three years’ time, I’d get the chance to do all these.  Hmm.Read More →

I have posted on this blog earlier about my liking for the show The View.  During the height of the US elections, the hosts covered the most controversial issues that surrounded the four candidates.  The good part is that the five hosts were able to voice their opinions openly but with tact and sensibility.  On the world wide web, there’s a space dedicated for sharing views and takes on political discussions.  It’s intriguing to say the least, and I’m going to hop over it now to find out.Read More →

When I was deciding on the specs for “Makoy” (my imac), I promised myself that I will not upgrade the memory or hard disk. I didn’t plan on topping-up the husband’s gift budget. But lo and behold, we came out of the store with an extra 2GB memory and that entailed a slice off my p&S camera budget! I have no regrets about my decision though. I know that having a 4GB memory will benefit me in the long run. It’s just that I now have to save up again for my p&s. 🙂Read More →

There’s something wrong with Bloglines.  I cleared a number of blogs on my list this morning and was surprised to see random changes like 200 (or 30 or 350) unread entries on some of the links.  Weird!  Anyway,  I’m down to reading through my fave photographer’s blogs and I’ll see if this ‘glitch’ will continue.  I still heart Bloglines!Read More →

After a long time of not promptly approving/rejecting the Entrecard droppers on my accounts, I noticed that they are all automatically approved and are showing on all my blogs! How’s that? Hmm. Edited:  The auto-approving thingy stopped.  I can finally approve/reject manually.  I still haven’t decided on what to do with my EC points though… Sigh.Read More →

It’s been a while since my husband played with his game consoles. We got really busy months leading to the holidays last year that playing computer games is the last thing on our minds. Just like most gaming gadgets, I’m sure the last one we bought eight months ago will soon be obsolete. I won’t be surprised if the husband will soon fancy to get a Playstation 3.Read More →