While I was watching the latest season of American Idol, I noticed one of the male contestants showing signs of stage fright.  He frequently switched hands holding the microphone and moved in awkward motion.  After his song number, the judges noted his awkward moves, too.  But he was told that despite the obvious nervousness he displayed, he still is on top of the lead because of his unique voice. I believe many (if not all) performers or speakers  go through this challenging phase of getting over stage fright.  Even those who are confident with their skill or talent feel nervous when facing a huge crowd. Read More →

I seldom watch the morning shows on the local channels.  The early morning ones, which start at 6am (I think) to 9am are really good but the ones that come after just cover tons of celebrity and fashion stuff that are not really my interest.  One time, I chance upon a morning show and nearly before each commercial break, the show featured a campaign for an exercise equipment.  I was shocked to see how many types of machines or ellipticals they have these days and I wonder if people do buy or use them.  For me, apart from the good old treadmill, everything else isRead More →

When we’ve decided to eat ‘healthier’ foods earlier this year, we started to veer away from a lot of processed foods, junk foods and even soft drinks. From time to time, we give in to the ‘temptations’ of an ice-cold Coke or a bag of chips, but we do control our intake of these unhealthy foods. Also, we don’t encourage our daughter to eat chocolates (or other forms of sweets or junk foods). First, there’s no health value in them. Second, we want to take care of her teeth. And third, we don’t want her to gain unnecessary weight. No parent wishes for their childrenRead More →

I was just talking to the husband the other day, about how some of our friends are not exactly looking forward to the coming holidays. Our friends, in fact they are two couples, have been trying to get pregnant for over a year with no luck. What is the relation between the holidays and pregnancy, you might ask? Well, it is during this season when families get together and usually, topics about who has yet to get married or have kids come about. Unfortunately, well meaning family members can get pretty ‘insensitive’ when they bring up those subjects. Especially so if the couple (if they’veRead More →

Our friends came over to our apartment today at lunch. During the course of our conversation, the topic shifted from food to health and age. We are nearing the mid-30’s mark and we agreed that we can feel the ‘punch’ of being old. And by old we mean not being that physically fit as we used to five years ago. So many thoughts were running through my mind that time. Soon enough, we will be talking about bio-identical hormones or consulting hormone doctors. It is scary, to say the least. I’ve heard my mother complain about hot flashes, fatigue and weight gain.  Who wants toRead More →

I have many things planned for our trip back home and one of my priorities is to see my dentist. We had a pre-arranged appointment from December last year (yes, that long) and we discussed then that I just might wear braces again. I’m not happy with it, just thinking of the last time I wore them make me cringe, but I’d do anything to save my teeth. I also enquired with the dentist about veneers. It sounds vain, I know, but it helps to know more hence I asked. But she advised that before I can go ahead with dental veneers, I need theRead More →

The sudden change from cold to warm weather has a big impact to no less than my skin. I see tiny growths on my forehead as some parts of my face are getting pretty dry. Aside from the usual moisturizer that I apply religiously, I think I need the help of the best acne products out there in case the tiny spots on my face will turn into acne. Oh no!Read More →

I’m feeling lethargic today. It must be because I’ve been staying up late, I’m taking more coffee and missing meals every now and then. In fact, I’ve lost the few pounds that I gained since we came to Sydney.  I don’t intend to be thin, as in really thin. It’s alarming when you know that your body can’t cope with day to day responsibilities. While others are working towards losing weight and taking lipovox, mine is the opposite. I want to gain some weight and to keep fit. I’m planning to start some sort of exercise regimen at home with the 3 yoga DVDs IRead More →

Since I started my health and food blog, I got into the habit of reading related articles on the paper and on the Internet. Then I read about the brand called Orovo, which carries a line of “super” foods, weight loss and skin care pills.  It is fast becoming the new word on the street. But, does Orovo work? Well, reading through the Testimonials on the company’s website gives me an idea how popular and effective their product lines are. Check the site out to know more.Read More →

We started to feel more health conscious this year. Vegetables and fish are often in our weekly menu. We seldom use powdered flavorings on our meals. We avoid buying soda and buy natural juices instead. Fruits are aplenty here and a good serving of freshly cut rock melon, banana or custard apple a day will help in natural Body detoxification. Also, there are products that help to cleanse our bodies from toxins, which filter specific organs in the body. It should be taken following a program that will help achieve a new healthy lifestyle. This day and age, when genetically modified foods, fast foods orRead More →