I’m eyeing a Canon point and shoot camera to buy this weekend.  Reviews are not really great but with my simple requirements and limited budget, I’m thinking of getting a Canon Ixus 95.  Tempting as it is to get a P&S with manual setting features, I’m setting my eyes on something that is simple to use.  Although there is not a lot of huge electronics store here (like Circuit City), I’m hoping to get a good deal with either Ted’s Camera store or JB Hi-Fi.Read More →

I’m beginning to gain interest in baking once more.  For the simple reason that I want to  add variety to our current breakfast and snack options.  Banana muffins have been a regular treat for us and soon enough I know, my “clients” (husband and daughter) will soon get tired of helping me finish the dozens I make each time. While we were scouting for a room heater at Bing Lee’s today, I checked out a few stand mixers because in order to bake better, I need to start investing on simple kitchen appliances.  Kitchen Aid is a definite beauty but it costs too much forRead More →

This.. I’ve long, long wanted to buy one..  It’s a background stand where you clip your canvas used as photo shoot background.  I’m so keen to practice indoor shooting and would love to try out different backgrounds.  As soon as I get one of those, my next project is lighting equipment.  Sheesh, I need more pa!d opportunities. Ha!Read More →

Since I had my first mobile phone way back in 1999, I never had an interest to quickly upgrade to the latest model or get the fanciest phone once its out in the market or simply change the standard ringtones to the custom, downloadable ones.   These days, there are tons of choices out there when it comes to phone model, colors (shape or sizes!) and yes, even with ringtones.  From rock, pop to Christian Ringtones, the choices are endless!  There are paid ones and freebies, too. There are many businesses that spurt like mushrooms in the advent of new mobile phone technologies.  And change especiallyRead More →

It’s been a little over a week since we bought my Imac.  And to date, I’m loving it soooo much!  I told the husband that I’m being very dependent on it.  I’m using Stickies for my daily reminders — where I put short lists of what to buy, people I need to get in touch with, the works!  Also the iCal — calendar app, iMovie and a lot more! I also like it that it’s a whole lot easier for me to update my online photo albums and of course, my blogs. I still need an updated Photoshop CS3 or 4 software though.  And thatRead More →

I’m saving up for a point and shoot camera since last quarter of the year.  And now I think I found what I want to buy.  A Canon IXUS 80ISP!  It doesn’t have manual settings feature, which is okay since I have my dlsr for that.  I just need something compact and ready for use when we go to simple outings, dine-outs or a quick and light tag along when we go to the mall. I missed a lot of opportunities during our vacation to take photos and video clips of my daughter because of the absence of a p&s.  I promised myself I’ll buy Read More →

Up to now, I still haven’t decided whether to purchase a new Dell or a MacBook Pro. I think that it’s better for me to save and be able to afford what I really need and want rather than buy in haste and regret later. But at the same time, I want to be practical! Gee. Unlike other laptop brands where you go to a Comparison website and compare prices, brands like Dell or Apple have standard pricing across countries. No matter which website I go to, it is unlikely that I’ll get a difference in pricing unless a particular store is offering a promotionRead More →

A very important tip that I will always keep in mind when buying camera lens is that “never scrimp on glass (professional photog’s term for lens).  if you can’t afford to buy the best yet, wait even if it takes a year for you to save on it.  and then buy.” That quote is from my workshop instructor.  And I agree with him.  That’s why even if it takes me a year or more to save up on a wide angle lens, I’ll wait.  Who knows?  Maybe by then another model might come up and it will more affordable?  (Yea, in my dreams.) Currently atRead More →

Before I decided to buy my 40d a month ago, I read many forums which discussed and compared this unit to a 50d.  The highlights of the new model include a very high ISO of about 3200 (40d’s 1600) and the 15.1mp.  I’m glad though that I stuck with my gut and chose 40d.  Right now, it is just what I need.  Besides, with the 50d’s price of 1,799aud for the body alone, I got a 40d body and a 17-85mm IS USM for 1,599aud! The yummy 50d.Read More →

Although I would rather purchase my much coveted wide angle lens and flash, I think I have to prioritize my laptop first. My current Dell laptop has been extremely slow since I installed a trial version of a photo enhancement software two days ago. In my dreams, I would get myself a MacBook Pro. But to be practical, I just might get myself a new Dell. I just wish the MacBook Pro is not that expensive. Boo. MacBook Pro Dell Studio 17Read More →