Too bad that we can no longer plan weekend activities like we used to.  With the current back pain I’m dealing with, the husband decided that it’s best to minimize activities that entail long walks or long drives.  Sob. I wanted to bring my daughter to the zoo but we never managed to because of the errands that occupied our past weekends.  She’s learning animals from books and DVDs and it would be nice if she’d see them all in person.  She knows a fair bit of zoo animals and for sure she’ll squeal in delight if she sees a real life giraffe, zebra, turtleRead More →

Up to now, my daughter loves to chase these friendly birds.  We briefly didn’t see them during winter time but now that it’s spring, we see them everywhere.  Too bad, I don’t know what type of bird they are, it would be nice to teach my daughter its name.Read More →

One of the many things I miss about Singapore is our friends. In my six years there, my husband and I formed many meaningful friendships. One weekend in 2005, my husband and I went to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia with a group of friends. As expected, we had a blast! We went food tripping, sight-seeing and there was no dull moment just being with those guys. We surely miss them. –Read More →

I wish I knew what this statue is called. I remember going around it but couldn’t find any information near it. This photo was taken a few months ago at Royal National Park in Sydney. Anyway, using your imagination, what do you make of it? I see the first head looking away while the next two seem like whispering secrets. Hi Hi. —Read More →

One of the highlights of our trip to the US in 2005 was our visit to Las Vegas. Whenever I see the colorful lights along the strip on TV shows, I tell myself that we should plan for Vegas vacations in the near future. I remember playing the slot machine for the first time and I won 80 dollars, they call it beginner’s luck. Also, there’s this restaurant that serves really cheap but yummy steak and eggs (just thinking about it makes me drool). Best of all, I miss the beautiful sunset, like the one I captured above during our drive from Vegas to SanRead More →

When we were planning for our New York City trip in 2005, we knew that spending less than a week there is not enough. However, due to time constraints, we compressed our schedule so that we can visit most of the highlights there. It was tiring to say the least. It was like every hour was critical for us that we should spend it wisely. There are a lot of buses offering NYC tours but we chose to tour the city on foot. Overall, it was an amazing experience. I took as many photos as I can and I didn’t even let pass taking aRead More →