I love freebies.  Just like this NextGen Gallery plugin that I uploaded to my personal blog.  It allows me to post photos and display them as thumbnails/list or slideshow.  Uploading both the plugin and later on the photos are a breeze.  Pretty functional and user-friendly it is. http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/nextgen-gallery/installation/Read More →

As I am currently updating my personal blog site, I was lucky to stumble upon this minimalist yet so beautiful and functional theme called the Cotton. http://themeforest.net/item/the-cotton-powerful-minimalistic-wordpress-theme/240813 Considering its very appealing functionalities, it is so cheap for the price of $35! I must admit though that I saw this template first from a digital scrapbook-er. So credits to her, I discovered the WP theme that fits my liking and needs perfectly.Read More →

Two years ago, I made a simple AVP (audio-visual presentation) for my mother’s 60th birthday. Since I wanted to share it with family and friends, I uploaded the 8minute video to YouTube. But to my dismay, the background music was taken out of the clip. I didn’t bother to investigate how I can bypass the copyright check until I uploaded a second AVP I made, this time for my niece’s 7th birthday. Lo and behold, this clip came out of my google search when I eagerly checked a way for me to keep the audio on my AVPs. Bypass Music Copyright on YouTube After followingRead More →

It is a lot easier to modify WordPress templates when it is done offline or when WordPress is installed locally on your computer.  I thought I wouldn’t need to resort to a locally installed WP but the last time I was tinkering with a theme, it took ages for the updates to load on my test site! Installation is easy, in fact, there are tons of guidelines you can Google out there.  But this is what I have used along with setting up ‘xampp’ on a Mac.  Try it out! http://www.lifespy.com/2007/how-to-install-wordpress-offline/ http://www.keitr.com/tutorials/xamppRead More →

It’s another exciting time for WordPress users.  Release 2.8 is out and some users out there (like me) has an interesting story to share about our upgrade experience. I have a total of six blogs.  Five of them were successfully upgraded to the new version using the one-click install (or upgrade) function.  But for some reason, the function didn’t work on my personal blog (yep, my main blog of all blogs).  As soon as I refreshed my browser, my blog went kaput!  I waited for a couple of minutes but nothing happened. Then I tried to log in to the admin panel but even theRead More →

Since last week, I spent about an hour a day at least to search for a wordpress theme to replace what I have on my other blog.  I almost gave up yesterday when I saw HappyBlogDesign.  What I like most about the site is that, it’s not a typical repository of templates but only those that are really good (both in the coding and design) are included in the list.  It’s a matter of choosing what fits your liking rather than  spending extra time testing the theme and making sure that the codes work.  Thanks Ms Fath, the Malaysian lady behind the wonderful WP ThemeRead More →

I like people who unselfishly share what they know. They are usually secure and confident about themselves and no doubt has a heart for sharing or helping. I am blessed to have met people like that in my life. But even in the World Wide Web, you can find these gems. One of them is the guy behind Blog Oh Blog. Aside from sharing beautiful and highly usable WordPress templates, he shares a lot of stuff about site traffic, SEO and even making money out of blogging. I have used many of his templates in my other blogs and I frequent his site for references.Read More →

I was doing some search in Google and found this interesting write-up (as the explanation was written in non-techie language) about the No Follow rule. If you happen to be new in blogging or more importantly, in sponsored posts, this blog post is for you. :: wink:: I’ve read many bloggers who are opposed to the idea while many I know are actively using the rule. Read more about his take on this after the jump: http://www.blogbloke.com/what-is-nofollow-and-why-your-blog-should-get-rid-of-it .Read More →

When I had trouble accessing my site due to IP ‘refresh’ issues with my ISP, a blogger friend of mine recommended this useful site to me. http://hidemyass.com/ One time, my husband wanted to access his personal emails from his client’s site but couldn’t because of firewall, I asked him to try the link. He first laughed because of the funny domain name but found it really useful.Read More →