Using Vinegar To Effectively Remove Limescale And Other Grime Around Your House


Aside from being one of the most common ingredients in every delicious food and delectable dishes, vinegar is also a great cleaning agent. The distilled type of vinegar do have lots of characteristics that makes it work best in terms of removing limescale and other unwanted stuff you see around your home, especially at your kitchen or bathroom.

Nowadays, white distilled vinegar and apple cider vinegar are embraced by many as a household cleaner. It effectively removes and kills most type of bacteria and germs because of its great acidic level. Some even uses this as an economical and environment friendly disinfectant at home.

Vinegar (along with baking soda and lemon) are great for cleaning purposes

Here are some examples where you can use white vinegar as an effective alternative for commercialized products.

Cleaning your sink fixtures that have limescale build up. Mix a teaspoon of vinegar along with 2 tablespoons of salt and you will get a paste like cleaning material.

Deodorizing and disinfecting your drain. Pour in a cup of baking soda at the drain then add a cup of hot distilled vinegar. Letting the mixture sit for a span of 7 minutes or so will allow it to suck in the odor and few known germs and bacteria. Run how water down the drain after said time is met to make it more effective.

Removing soap and odor that builds up from your dishwasher. Just pour in a cup of white distilled vinegar inside the machine. Let it run in full mode or cycle.

Remove bad odor from your newly cleaned oven. Soak a piece of sponge into the distilled vinegar. Use the sponge for the final rinse.

Removing price tags and labels from your newly owned stuff. If you wanted to safely remove labels and tags without damaging your shirt, pants or so, just cover the tag or label with cloth soaked in white vinegar. Leave it for a few hours and the tag and labels will peel off without hassle.

Disinfect doorknobs and other stuffs around your house. Just spray pure white distilled vinegar on the surface then wipe it dry. Aside from making it shine like a new, it kills germs and bacteria for you.

Before spraying and using vinegar as an alternative cleanser and disinfectant for your stuffs at home, always remember that not all vinegar are created equal. Some are already mixed with spices and are by products of chemical mixtures. To get the full and beneficial effect, use only white distilled vinegar at home.

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