The Benefits of Canvas Painting

Since the 13th century, oil paintings have been one of the most popular forms of art. Not only were they used to create images on material, but they were also great to decorate the interior of homes. Before oil paints became popular, artists and designers used tempera, mostly because they dried faster than their oil alternative. Throughout the 15th century, oil paints and tempera were used in conjunction to create a number of masterpieces, and a new style of painting was born.

Surprisingly, it was not until the mid-17th century that oil paints were the most frequently used medium for artists, and the purer the oils used in the mixture, the more expensive the paints were. These days, painting with oils remain popular, and amateur painters as well as professionals continue to reap the benefits of the style.

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Oil Paints

Painting with oils has become so popular in recent years because with a little research and practice, anyone can do it! Not only can the necessary materials be easily acquired at art supply stores, but you can also create a number of different themes as oil paints are so flexible. If you’re a beginner when it comes to creating art, then oil paints will certainly help you find your feet.

Additionally, there’s also the versatility of oil painting. The canvases used in oil paintings are sturdy, and can be easily moved to a position and location that suits your comfort. This allows for better accuracy, and a more exciting artistic experience. Art forms like sculptures and ceramics are delicate and require a lot of space to ensure stability.

One of the best benefits of using oil paints is that they dry much quicker than ordinary paints, and this is because they are made up of mixed oil colour pigments. Furthermore, oil paints are robust, meaning they can be left open to air without losing their quality or texture. You’ll certainly need patience at first, as painting with oils can be quite frustrating, however just like any form of art, perfection takes practice.

Many artists believe that canvas painting offers much more benefits and flexibility than oil painting, and the improvements in digital photography means that the techniques used in canvas painting can help improve artists everywhere. If you’re into photography, then canvas printing is certainly the best way to show off your visual art, and you can even make improvements once the image in on the canvas. If you want to see some example of this art medium, there will be a variety of canvas prints for sale in your nearest art gallery, or online.

Sometimes photos lack that artistic feel, even though photogsraphy is an art form, so canvas print helps to amplify the feeling you’re trying to establish in your work. Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein were the masterminds behind the canvas and pop art revolution in galleries all over the world, and they were able to produce oil painting effects by using photos on canvas.

Nowadays it’s easier than ever to edit your canvas print, especially with the latest photo enhancement software. Compared to the costs of framing a canvas photo 30 years ago, the art form is relatively cheap to keep up with, whether it’s your hobby or your profession.

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  1. I love the timeless feel a canvas print evokes. And it’s such an artistic way of displaying your most memorable photos in the home!

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