Organic Garden: A Small Step to Bigger Eco-Friendly Goals

Individuals who want to turn their homes into a green or eco-friendly one may find themselves faced with a challenging project. This may entail a lot of changes in both the physical environment and the lifestyle of a person, particularly if one has just started getting into the green habit. There should be a conscious effort to ensure that every product you use and that every choice you make is aligned with your eco-friendly home objective. To make it easy for the whole family, one can simply begin “greening” their home from the outdoors. Working on your garden is a good place to start in helping save Mother Earth.

Having a garden offers plenty of benefits for homemakers. It adds aesthetic value to your property, promotes healthy eating habits, and provides savings on the food budget. If you really want to save Mother Earth, then going organic is the key. Naturally homegrown fruits and vegetables are known for their health benefits and for their great taste too. This means that the family can enjoy healthy and great tasting food without denting the budget because it can all come from your home garden.

Here are some ideas that can help you start an organic garden:

Plan Your Garden Setting. There are two components that you need to consider for your garden setting, location and lay-out. First, you need to choose an area in your backyard that is ideal for the garden. These are spots that get plenty of sunshine and have easy access to water. Plants that get enough sunshine and water everyday tend to grow better than those that don’t. Once you have chosen an area to work on, you can start planning the lay-out. Plants that need to be watered frequently should be placed near the water source to save on time and effort in watering them.

Nourish Through Compost. You can score double green points by having a compost pit in your garden. It allows you to recycle organic wastes and to use them in nourishing the garden soil. There is no need to buy artificial fertilizers that may contain chemicals that are harmful for both humans and nature. Your compost pit will ensure that all your crops are grown from naturally enriched soil.

Get Tips from the Experts. Those who want to be successful in their organic gardening experience should get their facts from credible people who have success stories of their own. The internet offers a lot of organic gardening resources from blogs, websites, newsletters, and online forums that can help beginners in the field. This can also minimize the risks of green horns committing the common mistakes in organic gardening.

One can learn a lot in growing and nurturing an organic garden through a combination of research, practical application of theories and experimentation. As a beginner, you will find yourself relying in other people’s advice but in time you may also find yourself in a position to share your own best practices. It is our responsibility to take care of our environment for the future generation. Starting a garden can be a small first step to help the environment today which can evolve into bigger eco-friendly steps for a greener and brighter future for our kids.

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15 Replies to “Organic Garden: A Small Step to Bigger Eco-Friendly Goals”

  1. my landlord has an organic garden and he allowes me to enjoy it and plant as well , am looking foreward to this spring,, thanks for sharing @tisonlyme143

  2. One year I grew all sorts of veggies to varying degrees of success and some failure, but I am not detered. I plan on trying it again!

  3. Organic gardens can help in healing the environment. Consuming organic food can keep us healthy. Starting an organic farm in our homes is beneficial for the environment and our well being as well. Not to mention it is also a very relaxing hobby.

  4. Comment Starter: I love the gardens, my son built these for me several years ago and were about ready to plant again, we have to get an early start here in the desert to beat the heat.

  5. Thanks for a great article. I’ve always wanted to grow my own garden. Usually I just visit my dad and pick up vegetables from him, but I think this year I’m finally going to start my own. I am leaning towards having a container garden. I’m going to get my dad to make me some huge wooden containers and grow lettuce, bell peppers, onions, tomatoes and not sure what else yet.

  6. I think I like spending time on this post, with spring coming. I live in the desert ad because we have desert landscaping we dont have a lot of room for gardens, but I do have boxes we have built and I have lots of pots. Now I too like composting and save all my veggie scraps for my little earth worms and feed them often, I have literally hundreds of those little guys helping to make good soil, which is rare here. So I love composting and it is very important for good gardening practice.

  7. I LOVE my organic garden! Im especially thankful for it through the winter when I can get out a can of something and know that it was picked and canned fresh as can be and that is has no chemicles in it!

  8. I’ll be extending our small organic garden, and planting more varieties of lettuces, more beans, and less cucumbers! Boy, did those cuke vines take over half the garden!

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