The Feel of Luxury in Your Home


Home is where the heart is. Home is where you want to feel cared for and pampered. Your home, after all, should be your castle. It is no wonder that people dream of having luxurious homes where they can relax their bodies and minds and indulge their senses. That’s essentially what differentiates luxury interior design from the standard off-the-book interiors. You do not need a mansion to have this kind of feeling in your home. Even apartments and townhomes can have a luxurious look and feel.

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The key is in the choice of materials in the components of the room as well as in the furniture. Don’t mistakenly think of velvet, gold trimmings, and sparkling crystals immediately as luxurious home detailing. These can be quite gaudy when used the wrong way. Your choice of materials depends on your existing structure and architecture. It also depends on the kind of character you want your space to exude. Among the materials found in luxury interiors are wood and marble inlay, silk damask, embroidered linen, and textured panels. The combination of materials and finishes are meticulously chosen and planned by designers to create that ultimate look of luxury for any home, be it an apartment or a grand mansion.

Your choice of furniture will depend on the general theme of your room. You can go for rich cushioned chairs upholstered in hand-embroidered fabric for an old world look. Tapestries and rugs in deep colors and crystal chandeliers can also add to the feel of opulence. Or, you can go for dark leather seats, sleek metal lamps, and mirrored mosaic art for a modern take on luxury interiors. A common characteristic of this kind of design is the choice of color. More neutral tones and palettes are often dominant other than the deep burgundy in old world themes. You usually see rooms with grays and browns punctuated by decorative elements with a burst of color (flowers, a frame of artwork, a lamp, etc.) under this design style.

While you can indulge your DIY talents and use the internet to design your home, there are actually experts who can help you in this department. Luxury design is not something that you should compromise. Most of the time, it’s really best left to the experts. These are often designers, architects, and artists who work together to come up with the designs that you are looking for. They make use of their talents and eye for style and detail to translate your ideas and instructions into your own luxury interiors. These experts usually have their portfolios posted on the internet in their official websites so you can browse through their past projects. This will give you an idea of what they are capable of. In the end, what you want is a house, or a room in your house, where you can feel like royalty at the end of every working day.

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  1. These are some gorgeous pictures! I love the look and feel of luxury – unfortunately my bank account doesn’t. MY home looks nothing like a Pinterest board!

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