Charming Sunshine: Having a Breakfast Nook to Greet the Day In


How you start your day often affects the way your entire day goes. Although there is no scientific basis to it, it just seems like getting off on the wrong side of the bed snowballs into one bad incident after another. It’s really nice to have your own breakfast nook to wake up to. You can spend the first few minutes of your morning relaxing in your cozy nook. You can have your cup of coffee as you mull over your day ahead just before the entire household gets roused for breakfast. This nook will be the perfect place for the rest of the family to share breakfast and send each other off to wherever it is they have to go for the day. You’ll get the nourishment, both in body and soul, that you need to get through your day from this nook. For a lot of families, this nook is a comfortable place to spend quality time and to share stories.

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A home improvement project to build a breakfast nook is not that difficult to undertake. But, you might need the help of a building contractor and an interior decorator to do the renovation for you. It may take time and money to complete the project, but the end result will surely give you much pleasure. As you consider setting up your nook, take a look around your kitchen and dining area and find a sunny place. An area under a window where the sunshine streams into the house is a good choice. Then, you have to consider your furniture. In most nooks, the seats are built into the walls. There are some, however, that make use of casual tables and chairs. Having your nook customized would, of course, cost a lot more money especially if the contractors have to knock-down part of your walls.

In building your breakfast nook, you have to consider comfort. It is, after all, a space that is supposed to make you feel cozy and homey. Make use of bright colors in your furnishings and decorative elements. Your furniture should also be made of materials that are not hard and imposing. The common materials used for breakfast nooks are wood, acrylic, and wicker. Chairs are also often padded or cushioned. Your upholstery and curtains should be light and cheery as well. With a lot of wise design consideration and furniture choices, you can have a breakfast nook to enjoy every waking day.

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