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Laundry Rooms for a More Pleasant Washing

Laundry Rooms for a More Pleasant Washing

Doing the laundry is not always among the most favorite household chores.  The laundry room is often a hodgepodge of items that are not necessarily laundry related.  This makes the chore all the more unpleasant to do.  The fact is that your clothes are not disposable and you have to face the reality that you need to do your laundry.  You might as well make it a more pleasant experience by organizing and fixing your laundry room in such a way that you actually feel comfortable in it.

You will be surprised at how a few organizational tools and accessories can make you enjoy doing your laundry.  Keep your laundry organized with some of these tips:

1.       Have a space for everything and put everything in its place.

It’s a pain to have to look for everything you need just when you need them.  Invest in accessible cabinetry and shelvings where you can store your laundry items.  Among those that you have to make space for are your laundry supplies (detergent, fabric softener, bleach, and filters), your dirty clothes, your clean clothes, your baskets, and your hanging supplies (hangers, clothes pins, and drying racks).  If your laundry room doubles for another purpose, you can designate the spaces accordingly.

2.       Think about ease of movement.

Consider how easy it is for you to get to the things you need and to do the things you have to do.  If you have a front loading washer and dryer, you do not want to put anything right across from your washing machine that would make it difficult for you to open its covers or for you to bend over to take your clothes out of the washer.  You also do not want to go clear across the room for a sheet of fabric softener.  The shelvings on top of the washer will be the best place to put your laundry supplies.

3.       Brighten up your space.

Good lighting can definitely put you in a better mood while doing your laundry.  Go for bright lighting.  Paint your walls in a cool color too.  Avoid drab shades or wall paper designs.  You want to work with lighting and color that makes you feel perky and upbeat.  Try adding music too and you will find yourself enjoying laundry perhaps just as much as you enjoy organizing your crafting stuff or tending to your flower garden.


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Cool and Convenient Pantry for Efficient Food Storage

Cool and Convenient Pantry for Efficient Food Storage


Storage areas are essential elements in keeping the house clean and organized. Household items that are rarely used are usually placed in the attic, garage or basement; personal items go to the closets; and food supplies stay in the kitchen cupboards and refrigerator. But since the kitchen is one of the busiest rooms in the house, you may want to think about upping the cupboards with an efficient pantry.

Convenient Pantry 

This is a small room designed for storing food and kitchen provisions, usually with a clean and organized look that makes it convenient to find items or make an inventory of supplies.

A pantry usually features shelves and racks that are built along its walls, from top to bottom. There are also storage aids like baskets, caddies, or jars to keep the supplies well organized.

Easy Organizing

The heavy items are usually placed at the bottom levels of the shelves, the commonly used items at eye level, and the rarely used at the topmost levels. You don’t have to open several cupboards to find ingredients for your meal.  Everything you need is within sight and confined in one area. This makes it quicker and easier to get the things you need for preparing meals. Even kids or household members who do not know their way around the kitchen can easily find their bearings in the pantry.

Cool and Convenient Pantry for Efficient Food Storage

Time and Money Saving

Having designated places for every food provision can also help in monitoring supplies and make grocery shopping more efficient. You can make a grocery list by simply looking at the empty spots in the shelves.

Health and Safety

Separating the storage for food items from other kitchen supplies also help protect the family’s health. It ensures that food is stored in a clean and dry area, away from possible contaminants or spills from the kitchen.

Cool and Convenient Pantry

Aside from the convenience of ample space and organized storage, a pantry can also improve your interiors because it leaves a neat and clutter-free look for the kitchen. Homemakers who want to enjoy these benefits can start considering having a pantry in the house. Those who can’t afford space for a pantry with door may find a small nook in their kitchen where floor to ceiling shelves can be installed and used as an open pantry.


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How to Use Loft Space Effectively

How to Use Loft Space Effectively


Many people think a loft and an attic are the same; these are not. While both areas are perched under the roof of a house, you should never confuse one for the other. An attic is an enclosed space (confined just like a typical room in the house), complete with a door. In contrast, a loft is an open space.

You probably have one in your house. If you do, consider yourself fortunate. Since a good storage space is at a premium these days, having a loft can be very practical. In fact, many people use their lofts to store clutter they have amassed over the years.

However, considering there are other rooms in the house that may be turned into a storage area, it would be a good idea to convert the loft into something more useful. Actually, loft conversions are quite popular these days. Most people have discovered just how valuable a loft could be especially as far as expanding their homes go. What’s more, since loft conversions are done inside the house, there’s no need to secure licenses or building permits from local authorities. For all intents and purposes, you are not undertaking a new construction. Instead, you are merely “adding to” or enhancing an erect edifice.

So how can you effectively use a loft space? Well, here are some ideas:

1. Office

This is a perfect option for people who work or may want to work from home. The location of the loft provides privacy, which is very important if you want to get things done. Moreover, its distance from the other rooms in the house where most activities take place makes it the most conducive area to work.

2. Bedroom

This is one of the most popular options when it comes to loft conversions. Given the height of the place, it offers a great view, which provides the perfect backdrop for rest and relaxation. Floor-to-ceiling windows that offer a picturesque view of the outside would be ideal. In addition, it ensures the abundance of natural light.

Loft bedrooms are perfect for teenage children – it provides them the privacy they crave without having to move out of the house. You can also use it as a guestroom. However, if you plan to convert the loft into living space, you might need to construct a bathroom there, too.

3. Private Living Room/Family Room

If you value your privacy a lot, then having a second living room would be a good idea. Fit the room with a TV, an audio-video system, gaming consoles, and the like. Consider it your personal sanctuary where you can hang out with friends and family while enjoying movie nights. This is a good way to keep your main living room neat and tidy, and you can just use it as a receiving area for guests.

4. Music Room/Studio

Are you a budding singer or musician? The loft would be the perfect place to play your music or sing your heart out. Since it is way up there, you’re not likely to disturb other family members who may want peace and quiet. This is better than renting a place or making do with makeshift practice areas.

5. Gym

If you want to stay fit without leaving your home, then converting your loft into a gym is the best way to go. You don’t need to pay for annual membership fees anymore. Just use the money you’ll save to buy gym equipment for your loft.

After you have converted your loft into the room of your choice, spruce it up with some furniture, fixtures, and décors to give it a homier feel.


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Discovering Modern Designs of Hidden Doors and Secret Rooms


History has shown that hidden doors and secret rooms were used in castles, manors, and other residences of royalties and noblemen. These rooms are usually built to provide a means of escape from enemies and attackers, or allow residents to get in and out of the house unobserved. Secret rooms were also used to provide refuge to those who were in hiding, to store smuggled goods and to hold illegal activities. The uses of secret rooms in the past were colorful and reserved for the wealthy. Nowadays, hidden doors and secret rooms are built for privacy, space saving, and decorative purposes.

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A person doesn’t have to live in a mansion or be moneyed in order to have a secret room built in his home. Anyone who is building or remodeling a house can have a hidden door installed somewhere in his home. Bookshelves, cabinets and cupboards are commonly used as doors for secret rooms. Others use panels that blend into the wall making it impossible to spot for visitors. Homemakers can choose from traditional designs like the swivel or swinging doors which can be opened by pressing or pulling a lever, using a remote control or electronically activated ones.

The safe room or panic room featured in Jodie Foster’s movie, The Panic Room, is one of the modern hidden door designs that can be used by those who want to have a safe place for their valuables. Other modern designs that home owners can consider are the floor to ceiling mirrors or retractable staircases for hidden doors. Floor to ceiling mirror wall panels are great hidden door alternatives for those who have small or limited spaces.  Harry Potter’s room may not be hidden under the stairs, but one can create their own hidden space with the use of remote control operated staircases that can be retracted to reveal a whole new room.

Hidden doors and secret rooms of the ancient times and the recent past have a lot of interesting stories to tell. Today, the increasing interest in these mysterious doors entices the modern homemakers to incorporate them in their home interiors. Those who would like to explore the modern designs of these hidden doors can find readily available options in the internet.

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A Cocoon for the Avid Bookworm


Reading is an activity that I look forward to everyday. This is something that I do to relax even for just a few minutes away from my daily chores and errands. For me, my reading nook is the best corner in the house. It’s like I’m in my own cocoon when I am in my nook. You can also have your own nook to escape to when you feel like burying your nose in a book. Your choice of where to locate your reading nook would depend on your own preferences. Some would prefer to have a place that’s isolated from the rest of the house, while some would rather have a nook that looks out into the backyard garden. Whatever place that you choose, it is important that it is a space where you feel relaxed and at peace.

Bookworm’s heavenly haven

It is not necessary for you to have all your books piled up or lined up in a bookshelf in your reading nook. In fact, some keep their books in a designated “library” and only have a couple of books and magazines that they are currently reading in the nook. This space is basically just furnished with a comfortable chair (a leather recliner, perhaps, or a cushioned wicker chair) and a small coffee table. Some would have shelves built into their coffee table base or maybe a separate magazine rack beside their reading chair.

While you can read your books and magazines anywhere in the house, it is important that you have a space that is specially designated for your reading time. The space alone should already set the mood. As you get settled on your reading chair, it should be a signal for your mind and body to relax and let the tension in your muscles dissipate. It’s really more of a conditioning process that allows you to get the most out of your reading time.

There is nothing complicated about setting up your reading nook. Just choose your spot, furnish it, and designate it as your own space – your family should know that it’s your “break time” when you pick up your book and get settled in your nook. To get some ideas about how to furnish your reading nook, you can go online and get inspiration from interior design websites. These sites can also point you to suppliers of furnishings and other accessories that you need for your reading nook. If you are lucky, you can also find exciting offers for discounted reading nook supplies.

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Investing on Computer Tables: When Ordinary Tables Just Won’t Do

Investing on Computer Tables: When Ordinary Tables Just Won’t Do


Whether you are setting up your home office or furnishing a business location, you need to make sure that you invest on the right kinds of computer tables. These tables are not ordinary tables. Modern furniture technology follows the principles of ergonomics in the design and construction of these tables. While you can easily find a DIY carpentry design plan for a coffee table online, the construction of computer tables is not exactly that simple. You have to take into consideration the type of computer that is going to be placed on it and the person who is going to use it. For your home office, you also have to take your space requirements into consideration. You might only have a small space available and would therefore have to invest in having your computer table customized for you.

In choosing your computer tables, you have to think about the following factors:


You have to be able to make full use of this piece of office furniture. Multi-function computer tables are now available in the market so that you can get more function out of your home office furniture. Ease of movement is brought by ergonomically designed tables so that the user can fully utilize its different functions. Ample storage and additional pull-out work surfaces are some of the additional features that a computer table could have. With more functionality, you can get more value out of your money’s worth.

Investing on Computer Tables: When Ordinary Tables Just Won’t Do


This is a function of both ergonomics and space availability. The configuration of your computer table should fit your available space and allow you to go through the motions your computing tasks require with ease. Enough elbow room and leg room is necessary for comfortable computing. You would not want to be banging your knee on your computer table’s leg every time you have to turn to one side to reach your printer. Nor would you want to have your elbow crammed against your sides so you would not hit the wall as you move the mouse or type on your keyboard.


Investing in a good computer table does not mean splurging unnecessarily. An expensive table might not necessarily fit your specifications. Find the one that best fits your needs. Make sure that it is durable enough to last for a number of years so that you would not have to spend for repairs or a replacement in a couple of months. These days, being practical in purchasing your home furniture, or any other purchase for that matter, is a necessity.