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Space-Saving Ways to Grow an Herb Garden

Space-Saving Ways to Grow an Herb Garden

People have come to appreciate the benefits of having a garden in their own home. Aside from creating a pleasant and relaxing ambiance, it can also be a source of kitchen flavors or nutrition for some homemakers. This is through placing an herb or vegetable garden in your backyard. Those who don’t have backyards may start their own indoor gardens using different sizes of pots for their plants. People who live in space challenged homes can explore the following options to make room for their herb gardens.

1. Counter Top Herb Garden

herbs window
By our window tops

The kitchen is one of the ideal places to have an herb garden, given that these fresh produce are mostly used in flavoring or garnishing dishes. Those who have available space in their kitchen counter or tabletops can utilize them for growing herbs.
You can make use of old pails and old food containers as pots for your herbs to help the environment too.

2. Window Sill Herb Garden

Homemakers who want a less cramped kitchen can utilize the available space in the window sill for their favorite herbs. A small ledge or rack can be installed just outside the window sill where they can place the herb pots.

They also have the option to use one large pot for all their herbs or put each herb in its own small pot.

If you are into recycling, use empty glass jars as well.

Vertical Garden
Vertical Garden

3. Vertical Herb Garden

Recycling or up-cycling practices can also be used for space-saving techniques in an indoor garden. You can use an old ladder, shoe racks, or hanging shoe or wardrobe organizer to have your own vertical herb garden. Secure these items up against a wall and layer your pots of herb in it with the use of “S” hooks. This is one of the latest trends in indoor gardening that provides an efficient use of space. It enables you to grow a dozen herbs in your kitchen by making use of approx 3 sq. ft. of floor space.

4. Balcony Gardening

Space-Saving Ways to Grow an Herb Garden
Seedlings in our balcony, will put them separately in pots later.

Living in a residential building? If you have a small balcony or terrace, you can make good space of this space with both flowering plants and edible ones. Put a coffee table and a little chair as well, so you can enjoy both the space and smell around your little floral area.

If you have no space for your vertical garden inside your home, it will also work in the balcony, just be careful with watering them so your neighbor downstairs wouldn’t be annoyed.

It may need a little planning to push through, but it will be worth reaping your rewards later.

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“Green” Outdoor Lights for Safe and Secure Homes


There are several reasons why property owners should consider having a well lit outdoors. One is to make it easier for guests and residents to navigate the walkways and avoid accidental falls. Another is to provide additional security for the house because outdoor lighting eliminates shadows around the house. These are areas that can be used as hiding places for criminals. It can also bring out the beauty of the garden or front lawn during night time, thereby adding value to the house. Well chosen lights can deliver all these benefits while saving on energy and protecting the environment. Here are some eco-friendly options for an efficiently lit outdoors:

  • Solar Lights. Why pay for energy when you can get it for free? These outdoor lights use energy from the sun to illuminate their surroundings. This means lower electricity bills and no wire installation required in your outdoors. There are several types of solar light models that can make your patio, pathways, planting beds, and driveways look better. One can choose from different models of solar pathway lights, hanging lights, decorative lights and rope lights to be placed in strategic areas outdoors. Since these lights derive power from the sun, it will be inefficient to place them in shaded areas. Their charging capacity also diminishes at times when there are overcast skies or during rainy periods.
  • Motion Lights. These lights can serve dual functions while saving on electricity. Motion lights are activated only when it senses movement in the area. You don’t have to worry about racking up a huge electricity bill because it isn’t lit throughout the night. The light turns on only when you need it and it automatically turns off when no one is around. It also provides security by alerting you when somebody is approaching or whenever there is someone within the outdoor premises. These lights can be ideally placed near entryways to serve as a deterrent for criminals.
  • LED Bulbs. Light Emitting Diode (LED) bulbs are also electricity saving options. These tiny bulbs consume around ¼ of the electricity consumed by incandescent lights while emitting the same amount of illumination. One can leave them running throughout the night without worrying about the bill and their carbon footprint. Those who opted for solar lights can still make use of LED lights for shaded areas where solar lights aren’t appropriate. LED lights are also found to be more durable that their other bulb counterparts.

    (photo via )

One can easily create a safe and secure home environment by having some outdoor lights installed in their surroundings. The protection and aesthetic value of these fixtures are reasons enough to make a small investment for your home. Put these efficient and eco-friendly options at the top of your options and enjoy energy saving benefits, lower operational costs, and safe choices for the family.

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Good-looking Tiles for a Good-looking house

By Riventhouse - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,


When you are looking at remodeling rooms in your home, you may be considering using tile for the floors, the backsplash, or even for the walls. While tile can be a difficult installation, it can be a beautiful decoration piece in each room. However, choosing good-looking tile can be challenging simply because there are so many generic or industrial tiles out there. You need to have the opportunity to shop for tiles that look nice, actually have some color to them, and look great in each room.

At ABL Tile Centre, you will find there are thousands of choices of tiles in every color and shape you could imagine. When you are choosing tiles for your rooms, you can choose from a variety of shapes, colors, and even textures to make the rooms look unique.

Choosing textured tiles is a wise choice for anyone who wants to have a little bit of texture on the wall or the floor. Tiles that are textured are excellent for bathroom or kitchen floors that can have water on them and become slippery. You can make the room safer simply by choosing a textured tile.

On the walls, a textured tile will last longer than wallpaper and give the same effect. Moreover, textured tiles are easier to install than wallpaper and will go up much faster than any wallpaper you choose.

When you choose the color for your tiles, remember that the color choices are just as vast as they are with paint. You don’t have to limit yourself to the few industrial colors you are used to. You can get something that complements what is in the house and suits your personal style.

You can liven up a room with some new tiles on the floor or walls, and you can even make the backsplash in your kitchen a brand new tile that brightens up the wall behind the stove or your cutting board.

You can choose all the right colors and textures of tiles to complete any remodeling job and add value to your home. Tiling is an art that should not be overlooked.

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Getting Rid of Household Pests – How to Do it Naturally

Getting Rid of Household Pests – How to Do it Naturally

^Having cats is a good way to deter pests…

  • Getting rid of household pests naturally – top tips

Pests can cause a lot of damage to your home. For instance, rats can chew through electrical wire, and termites can undermine wooden structures, by gnawing away at them, from the inside out. You also need to consider the detrimental effect that pests can have on the health of people living in your home. Continue reading Getting Rid of Household Pests – How to Do it Naturally

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Table Ideas for Small Spaces

Table ideas for small spaces

Table Ideas for Small Spaces

Something happened between the Stone Age and today. The number of humans walking the earth has more than tripled, and now some of us find ourselves living in cramped or small spaces. With the limited surface area around us, we are then faced with the problem of finding pieces of furniture to complement our homes.

The dining table is something we all need in our homes. Just because, doesn’t mean you no longer need a dining table. You’d be delighted to know that there are many types of tables out there which have been designed specifically for small living spaces.

A lot of prayers have been answered with extendable tables. Simply put, these tables are adjustable…the table top is actually divided into two. If you have a lot of visitors coming over, just pull the table top apart then you can add an extra plank of wood or leaf in the middle, extend the legs to each side as well and voila! More space for plates as well as chairs. The extra leaf can also be stored easily within reach; under the table top when not in use.

These extendable and foldable tables can also function as your work area. You’ll find some with tiny drawers going down along the sides, where you can store the stuff you need for your hobby or whatnot.

If you plan to have a foldable table made, it’s best if the color matches that of your wall. This gives the illusion of continuity, as if the table was an appendage of the wall. This makes your room look more spacious than it really is.

Having  small spaces or living areas are not so much a liability, as it is a chance to challenge yourself into being creative. Find an extendable table to fit your needs, and you’ll feel like you’ve just struck gold.

Image above: Our dining table, usually for 6 people but could be extended for 8-10.


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Interior Design Elements that Can Bring Out the Best in Your Home

Interior Design Elements that Can Bring Out the Best in Your Home

A home’s interior says a lot about the personality of the people who live in the house. It gives visitors a glimpse of the lifestyle, traits, and preferences of the owners which is reflected in the type of furnishings used, space utilization, care in its design, and the showcase of memories that go with each item within its walls. The overall look, using curtains or window blinds, using wood or concrete for floors, choosing the right colors are things homeowners should consider. Continue reading Interior Design Elements that Can Bring Out the Best in Your Home