A Cocoon for the Avid Bookworm


Reading is an activity that I look forward to everyday. This is something that I do to relax even for just a few minutes away from my daily chores and errands. For me, my reading nook is the best corner in the house. It’s like I’m in my own cocoon when I am in my nook. You can also have your own nook to escape to when you feel like burying your nose in a book. Your choice of where to locate your reading nook would depend on your own preferences. Some would prefer to have a place that’s isolated from the rest of the house, while some would rather have a nook that looks out into the backyard garden. Whatever place that you choose, it is important that it is a space where you feel relaxed and at peace.

  Bookworm’s heavenly haven

It is not necessary for you to have all your books piled up or lined up in a bookshelf in your reading nook. In fact, some keep their books in a designated “library” and only have a couple of books and magazines that they are currently reading in the nook. This space is basically just furnished with a comfortable chair (a leather recliner, perhaps, or a cushioned wicker chair) and a small coffee table. Some would have shelves built into their coffee table base or maybe a separate magazine rack beside their reading chair.

While you can read your books and magazines anywhere in the house, it is important that you have a space that is specially designated for your reading time. The space alone should already set the mood. As you get settled on your reading chair, it should be a signal for your mind and body to relax and let the tension in your muscles dissipate. It’s really more of a conditioning process that allows you to get the most out of your reading time.

There is nothing complicated about setting up your reading nook. Just choose your spot, furnish it, and designate it as your own space – your family should know that it’s your “break time” when you pick up your book and get settled in your nook. To get some ideas about how to furnish your reading nook, you can go online and get inspiration from interior design websites. These sites can also point you to suppliers of furnishings and other accessories that you need for your reading nook. If you are lucky, you can also find exciting offers for discounted reading nook supplies.

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  1. Wonderful article! The first picture would be a dream come true for me. My family would have to drag me out of there to get anything done!

  2. Love the post! Those two pictures are the ‘ultimate’ book nooks — would love to have one of those windows seats so I can read and look outside….would be great. Thanks for the post!

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