Between my two kids, my youngest is turning out to be the picky eater.  His palate seems to have preference for pasta or saucy foods.  Since it is not everyday that I cook these types of food, he ends up having bread, cereals and fruits to augment his needs for solid foods.  As for his milk intake, it automatically doubles during days when he doesn’t take in much solids. I was worried for a while, but I was assured by his pediatrician that as long as he is not getting sick or weak, or falls behind the standard weight for his age, then he isRead More →

I was able to contribute a short AVP for my niece’s 7th birthday party. It was a simple slideshow of photos with short video clip inserts with matching upbeat music. My niece liked it so much that she posted a note for me on Facebook that she watches the AVP everyday. It made my heart leap. The only drawback was that they weren’t able to secure a projector and da lite screens. They showed the AVP using a standard-sized TV. But nevertheless, as told by my niece, all the guests loved it.Read More →

We are so blessed that we live in a quiet suburb.  The people surrounding our house are all pleasant and the ones living just beside our house are good friends.  We never thought of getting smart home systems like some of our friends living in far away suburbs.  But of course, these home systems come only secondary to the One who truly provides peace and safety.Read More →

My little girl has been asking me for a guitar or a piano lately.  I think her interest in music and arts is growing largely because of her exposure in school and also at home.  We almost always have music playing in our house.  So, just tonight I maxed out our credit card rewards points to get a spanking new Yamaha beginner’s keyboard!  I was surfing the website since this afternoon and was not interested to get kitchen appliances or other gadgets just to make use of our credit card points.  Until tonight, I saw the keyboard and googled it for reviews, and they wereRead More →

It is so hot these days that it makes me feel like a melting candle any time of the day.  Funny that this morning there were mild brushes of wind all around but take note, it is a warm, akward breeze.  I wished I could just stay in one corner of the house doing nothing, with air conditioning in full blast.  It is important especially this season to have a few things ready all the time, sunscreen, sun hat, umbrella or fan and sun readers.  We can’t take for granted keeping our skin and eyes safe and protected.Read More →

I blogged about my old laptop dying on me after 5 years of fruitful service.  Now, I’m eyeing to get myself a new one.  Yep, it is now on my gadget wish list together with the Ipod Touch, Bamboo Fun or Craft, software for my iMac and more photography books!  Haay, I never really run out of things to buy! Ha ha.  Good thing I have a husband who supports my only vice. *wink*Read More →

I’m on gift-hunting mode again for a new friend’s little boy’s birthday next month.  Thankfully, the mom posted the kid’s preferences and finding “the gift” should be easy-peasy.  The part I like best though is while I’m on gift hunting, I would chance upon little trinkets or thingamajigs that my family will like.  There will be gifts for grandma, for mom, for my husband and kids, too!  I’ve always loved shopping for my family.  So today, I’m heading off to the mall again to escape the summer heat and shop!Read More →

It has been a week since I planned to buy an Ipod Touch. Part of me wants to wait until a good sale comes along but with Apple, I don’t even think it’s possible. The one that I have, which is still a 1st generation Ipod Touch is still useful but I could no longer upgrade its OS. I find that some apps are getting slow to load and in no time, I’m sure all the apps there will be obsolete. Our Ipad, on the other hand, has become a really good tool for our little girl to get busy or should I say toRead More →

The new Miss Universe USA was a guest in The View show today.  I’m not a fan of the pageant and I never watched its show ever.  But for the first time, watching the winner speak and answer questions, I was impressed.  She’s not just a pretty face as she is quite intelligent, too.  She even answered the question if she had ever use ‘tape’ to pull up her breasts to make them look ‘big’ on the pageant, she quickly said ‘No’ and explained that the only time she used ‘tape’ was for arts when she was in school.  And that could mean that sheRead More →

I went for vacation for more than a month and came back not gaining a single pound.  I don’t know how it happened but I remember indulging in sweets, eating like 5 times a day and even downing soda at least once a day.  It must be the stress of shuttling back and forth to my folks’ house and my in-laws’ or the sleepless nights (due to my little boy not yet sleeping through the night) still.  People who see my photos up on Facebook might think that I’m in some sort of diet or taking top diet pills, but really, I’m not.Read More →