We are on the look-out now for a new home theater system.  The one that served us for more than seven years has died on us two months ago.  I am tracking a few brands online right now and checking their reviews along side, too.  One time, I came across a 3d TV reviews site and the TV unit on offer has a home theater bonus.  Too bad we weren’t decided to go with the brand that time that now we regret not acting on it fast.  It would have been a value for money purchase.Read More →

I haven’t slept through the night for a little over 19 months now.  I am starting to feel that it is taking a toll on my health.  Forget about the dry hair and growing pimples and blackheads on nose, but I am feeling physically weak now, more than ever.  I hope my little boy sleeps through the night really, really soon so that I can start to regain my health.  Otherwise, I might lose my sanity along the way, too.Read More →

My kids love carousel rides and often than not, they will have a go at it whenever we are at the shopping center. It has then become a habit for me to collect “gold” coins and keep them all in my purse just so I’m always ready. They’re most favorite is the Wiggles ride, which luckily is almost always available in big shopping centers.Read More →

The weather has been really weird the past months that Summer brought us extremely hot days and windy or cold nights. So as with the first month of the Autumn season, the flowers are still in full bloom and the weather is Summer-y like on some days and Winter-y on the rest. Because of that, we have our heater, dehumidifier and vaporizer on stand by to help with the extreme weather changes.Read More →

With the help of a friend, my blogs were moved successfully to a new host.  I had planned it for the longest time, primarily because of the high fees I was paying my former host.  But I could not commit the time to move about seven blogs, consolidate some and implement plugin changes without making mistakes along the way.  I am so glad I had help doing these, stress-free. My subsequent task was changing templates.  I wanted a custom theme done for me but again, the fees are way too high for my blogging needs.  And so hiring professional web page builders was slashed outRead More →

They say that the wedding business is a big business and I believe it’s true.  When I was planning for my wedding, I discovered so many suppliers offering a variety of services and products that can easily make a couple go bankrupt if they are not careful with their wedding budget.  Then there are wedding businesses too that help you cut down on expenses, such as bridal gown or plus size bridesmaid dresses rentals. There’s just a business for every wedding detail.Read More →

I am still on a hunt for a new phone and I haven’t decided what unit I should buy yet. The apple iPhone is not totally out of the equation yet since I am also pining for the latest iPod iTouch. I just need to convince myself that an iPhone is what I need more than what I want. Until then, I will hang on to my dear Nokia phone, which is “dying” but still serving its purpose for almost 5 years now.Read More →

Last year, part of my major spring cleaning activity was giving away of a lot of our baby stuff.  I was a bit sentimental going through those things, because almost all of them were used by my two kids.  So, it was important that I passed them on to a friend or at least someone we know. Now, I still have a few baby items with me that I am thinking whether to give away or sell.  We have a baby monitor, unused teethers that are still in the original packing, rattles and unused breast milk containers.  I hope to dispose them off before theRead More →

I was browsing the Internet one time last month and I landed on a page with a listing of work-from-home opportunities. The page somehow does not look legit, in short, the whole job website seems to be a scam. Especially when I clicked the “Ghostwriter wanted” ad and the job requires someone who is keen to write. It didn’t say what topics will be referenced, say diet pills or lipozene reviews, or whether the hiring company is in the medical or advertising business. With that, I think that website is a fluke.Read More →

I was told that by age 40, both men and women should have colonoscopy. It is a critical health check, I would say, that is frequently ignored by many until a problem occurs. No wonder these days, many colon cleanse products are gaining popularity. I haven’t tried colon cleansing yet but at my age and stage in life, I think it is a good idea to add this to my priority list.Read More →