Basic Strategies in Starting a Small Business

  If you’re ready to start your own business, here are some strategies to jumpstart what you’ve always dreamed of – to be your own boss and work in your own time. By now, you have probably decided what kind of small business you want and what sort of products or services to sell. Becoming an entrepreneur is no easy task; it’s even quite daunting, to say the least. However, here are some helpful but basic strategies in starting a small business to get you on your way. Back to the Basics These things to consider is by no means an exhaustive list, it’s justRead More →

How Colour In The Workplace Affects Employees

  As we make our way into our place of work each day (be it a home office or otherwise) – no matter what our work involves – we are constantly influenced by our surroundings. We may not realise it, but colour plays a vital role in the choices we make, the way we feel and our productivity, amongst other things. Meanwhile, what many business owners don’t realise either, is that the colours you choose for your workforce to spend their days in can also have a subliminal effect on your clients too. Basically, the colours we choose to include in workspace décor is seenRead More →

A Complete Guide to Moving into a New Office

Modern home office – image via When a company moves into a new office is like moving house albeit smaller, it rarely goes smoothly. If you’ve never moved offices before, you may be under the impression that it’s a relatively simple process, but this tends not to be the case. Moving into a brand new base of operations is a stressful act; it can be incredibly time consuming, and there are frequently niggles and disasters, which could not be foreseen, yet set you back nonetheless. To put it bluntly, it’s not fun. If you are planning on moving office any time soon – orRead More →

How Office Lighting Is Connected To Productivity

Image via There are several components that make for a successful office environment, such as furniture, technology as well as design. But what about lighting? With many office workers dependent on computers, this means that a lot of our work days are spent staring intensely at a screen – which in some unfortunate cases, can cause severe eye strain. However, other factors can impact upon our eyesight including an abundance of sunlight and overhead fluorescent lights. What are the benefits of a well-lit office? In addition to making the workplace look inviting, good lighting can: ·       Restrict glare ·       Limit extreme contrasts ·       Enhance performanceRead More →

  Although there is much buzz about living green and being eco-friendly, many of the modern conveniences that people today enjoy are not exactly good for the environment.  Packaging materials like plastics and Styrofoam are fast filling up the world’s landfills and sea beds.  The same holds true for our electronic gadgets and peripherals.  Although we cannot do away with most of these things, there are ways through which we can lessen their impact on the environment.  For example, the life cycle of toner cartridge packages can be prolonged so that they remain useful and stay out of the landfills for a longer time.  About a million tonerRead More →

I am working on a mini-project for our apartment that involves a major spring cleaning, putting up photo frames or canvasses on our bedroom walls and replacing some of our existing furniture.  Most of the stuff in our apartment has been with us for more than five years and it will be nice to give our house a bit of a refreshing change.  Our workstation needs a new computer table and shelf, small office furniture pieces that will fit in a small space.  I’m asking around also for reliable printers for a few family photos I want on canvass.  I hope I get to finishRead More →

I was busy doing the dishes one morning when I chanced upon my two-year old keeping herself busy beside the office chair.  She was sitting right next to it as if retrieving something under it.  I then looked away but my inner gut tells me to check on her, so I did.  To my surprise, she was holding the chair’s spring plungers which must have fallen on its own and she was trying to put it back!  That made me smile for a while thinking how can a 2 yr old think of ‘fixing’ the chair like that?  How did she know that the tinyRead More →

I almost lost my temper last week when I dealt with the customer service people of our current ISP. We lost our internet connection for four days and no one could pinpoint the problem that long. I fully understand how technical support works, with my experience dealing with my SAP (an IT software) end-users before. So, what was irritating (to say the least) was the incompetence displayed by two of their support people who gave us every bit of misleading information related to our issue. My husband took time-off to bring what was to be a “faulty” modem complete with the adaptor, splitter and Cat5eRead More →

My last employer is a global investment bank. I will never forget my first impression of the company during my first day of work. Being a global bank, the office layout is different yet functional. There are rows upon rows of tables with low partitions. Each table has two sets of monitors set side by side. There is a digital signage attached to the ceiling near the main door, which displays the crawling current time and date in Singapore. Under the signage are about four digital clocks (if I remember correctly), which show the local time in the UK, US, Hong Kong and Japan. IRead More →