Having a wall of windows is a growing preference of homeowners especially in locations where there are great views. Even those living in condominiums and urban apartment can choose to have such windows for a wonderful view of the cityscape at night. There are pros and cons of having this kind of window though. Knowing how to deal with these factors can help you decide on whether you are going to bare or not to bare. The best thing that people like about these windows is the way they bring the natural light into the house. Whether in country homes or in smaller urbanRead More →

  Do not think that desk lamps have to be limited to being left on a work desk.  They are so versatile and good looking that they can be used in the bedroom as a bedside table, in kids room to provide extra lighting for drawing or puzzles and even in the sitting room for that extra bit of light when it gets dark.  There is a range of desk lights available from the first of its kind to a more modern looking lamp. When thinking of the quintessentially British desk lamp you think straight away of the Anglepoise lamp made by British designer GeorgeRead More →

Things You Must Consider Before Picking A Wall Color

  Just like images and photographs, colors speak a thousand words too. Each and every color does have its own meaning and characteristics. They represent or speak something about your personality. If you recently acquired a house, whether a brand new one or pre-owned, it’s a sure thing painting the wall or changing the wall color is on your to-do checklist. Before choosing and applying the color you chose, check the information we gathered below. They might give you a hint or two on what wall color is the right one for your house or room walls. Cool Colors Cool colors are earth colors. TheyRead More →

People who are looking for safe and eco-friendly cleaning materials can turn to organic cleansers that can be found in retail stores or specialty shops. Unfortunately, some of the commercially produced organic products are more expensive than those that contain harsh or harmful chemicals. Those who would like to use environment friendly materials without spending too much can simply look into their cupboards for some good old baking soda. Sodium bicarbonate, or baking soda, can provide you with wonderful results during housekeeping. They are very effective in cleaning every nook and cranny in the house along with almost everything in it. Homemakers can create severalRead More →

  Aside from being one of the most common ingredients in every delicious food and delectable dishes, vinegar is also a great cleaning agent. The distilled type of vinegar do have lots of characteristics that makes it work best in terms of removing limescale and other unwanted stuff you see around your home, especially at your kitchen or bathroom. Nowadays, white distilled vinegar and apple cider vinegar are embraced by many as a household cleaner. It effectively removes and kills most type of bacteria and germs because of its great acidic level. Some even uses this as an economical and environment friendly disinfectant at home.Read More →

  Are you planning a home or room redesign? Looking forward in buying and changing your window blinds? Then check this article first because it might help you in choosing and buying the right blinds for your own home or room. Below are few tips and personal advice that you should read before even placing an order or immediately buying blinds for your house. Check it out. Correct Measurement First and foremost, you must get the exact measurement of your window. This is the very first thing or step you should do. You should carefully measure its exact length and width so that you canRead More →

  Your home is meant to be a resting and relaxation place for your mind and body. This is one area wherein you should freely relax and unwind. But there are times that the noise from your neighbor, outside your house and even from a strong wind or humming sounds can distract you a lot. This is where soundproof windows can help you out. Here are some of the benefits of having soundproof windows at home: Effective Noise Barrier According to tests conducted by the experts, a soundproof window can dramatically reduce unwanted noise by up to 95%. This is the reason why for someRead More →