The weekend after our mini-vacation, I felt the urge to rearrange all the furniture at home. Given our small space, our living room serves as our daughter’s playroom as well. With that, I have to be a little more creative to make the whole area look pleasant especially so that we like inviting friends over for dinner meet-ups. Thankfully, the IKEA store is just a few minutes away. We frequent the store to buy organizers, boxes and baskets, which helped de-clutter our home. I’m sure those purchases will not be put to waste even if we move apartments or even we have a nice loungeRead More →

I recently saw a health feature on acne and how the technological advancements in the field of dermatology have helped many acne sufferers. There used to be complicated and usually painful procedures used in order to stop acne growth. Back then there is no known remedy to this skin problem. Now, there are treatment products that help deal with acne issues. Acne Complex is one popular brand that offers easy, safe and effective options to end skin breakouts. They are non-invasive as they are purely creams and gels that are applied externally. It is interesting to note that the terms “Murad Acne” is coined afterRead More →

I hear many people say that success in marriage can be achieved with love, commitment and faith in God. While I do agree in that framework, I think it is also critical that the couple is surrounded by friends and family who can provide support when the rough and tough times come. And in situations that call for professional help, there are experts in the field of counseling that couples going through a “rough patch” can consult with. The internet has a wealth of information on counseling clinics, the type of counseling required and of course, the counselors. is a good example of anRead More →

I once read a story on the Reader’s Digest about a teenager who died after taking ecstasy. What struck me was that the girl was not a party girl type who is into drugs but a decent and smart girl well loved by her family, classmates and friends. In a nutshell, the girl was “dared” to take the pink pill by another group of girls in her school. Not long after she took it, her heart went on overdrive and she stayed at the hospital in a coma state before she died. Whenever I hear or read stories like that, I can’t help but worryRead More →

There is a non-profit organization that aims to assist uninsured patients to get free medication through their patient assistance programs. Patient is a corporation located in the US and has helped so many people through their programs. I wish something like that is available for our fellow Filipinos back home. With a big chunk of our population living below poverty line, it will be greatly beneficial for patients to get free assistance in the form of medications. There are so many pharmaceutical companies back home which can sponsor the programs. I’m not sure if we already have something similar to this but I hopeRead More →

One of the most important considerations before my husband accepted his job here in Sydney is the insurance coverage. With Australia’s economy booming, it is expected that the standard of living will go up as well. With our objective to experience a change of lifestyle and still be able to meet our target savings here, we had to go through the insurance coverage offered by my husband’s company thoroughly and checked if there are areas to upgrade based on our needs. Since we are here on working visas, it is vital to choose a good private health insurance. So far, we have no regrets inRead More →

When a good friend of ours got hospitalized for a serious illness, one of our major worries for him and his family is the hospital bills. We feared for the worst financial setback possible. This is where health insurance plans play a major role. My husband and I are so happy to learn that their health insurance will cover all the medical costs. It is a big relief that now they can focus solely on the patient’s recovery. As we get older, we realize how important life and health insurance policies are. Especially when we have dependents, we are given the financial security when weRead More →

About seven universities in Australia have started publishing tutorials and research work over their websites. This means that students would never have to miss class or miss out on important lessons or publications. You know how it’s called? It’s Itunes U! It was successfully launched in the US last year and seven of the largest Australian universities followed suit. Before, it was just distance learning and now we have Itunes School! This can only get better.Read More →

My in-laws like to send articles about health through our family e-group.Among the many that I received, this one particularly got my interest.It’s about toothbrush care.But before you go on to read the excerpt, how many of you out there use a toothbrush cover?Do you leave your toothbrush in a cup, a holder or just beside the sink?Is it placed near the toilet bowl or you hide them inside the cabinet?Read on. “Take your commode: There are 3.2 million microbes per square inch in the average toilet bowl, according to germ expert Chuck Gerba, PhD, a professor of environmental microbiology at University of Arizona. WhenRead More →

Since our apartment is fully carpeted, it takes more effort to do the vacuuming. The Philips brand that we are currently using was bought in Singapore and is not really suited for carpet cleaning. No matter how many times I drag the poor thing to and fro, I still see some dirt on the floor. My friend who just bought this Dyson brand swears that well, it sucks! She has asthma and has seen better mornings (without the usual nose clogs) since they started using this. When I got the chance to see this in their apartment, I noticed that it’s bagless! It is notRead More →