Choosing Tiles for Your Kitchen Backsplash

  Just like an aspiring Picasso with a blank canvas in front of him, you feel excited at the idea of decorating your own kitchen backsplash.  Although very keen on letting your personality and sense of style shine through, you find this task to be somewhat daunting.  With so many options to sift through (tiles, glass, steel), it’s understandable how confused you might be at the onset.  Here are a few guidelines on how to decorate your kitchen backsplash. Consider the countertop.  The style and color of your countertop will most likely dictate the kind of tiles you choose for your backsplash.  Select tiles inRead More →

Good-looking Tiles for a Good-looking house

Image via When you are looking at remodeling rooms in your home, you may be considering using tile for the floors, the backsplash, or even for the walls. While tile can be a difficult installation, it can be a beautiful decoration piece in each room. However, choosing good-looking tile can be challenging simply because there are so many generic or industrial tiles out there. You need to have the opportunity to shop for tiles that look nice, actually have some color to them, and look great in each room. At ABL Tile Centre, you will find there are thousands of choices of tiles inRead More →

How to Find a Good Kitchen Renovation Company

Image via Maintaining a home is never easy. Even a new home gets old and becomes susceptible to typical wear and tear. Among the rooms or parts of a house that needs constant upkeep is the kitchen. After all, it is one of the most widely used rooms in any home and considered the heart of the home. That is where meals are prepared and cooked. Sometimes, a small table or wide countertop serves as a good enough space for small families to dine on, thereby foregoing the use of the dining table in the formal dining area. That’s why it is not surprisingRead More →

How to Use Loft Space Effectively

image via Many people think a loft and an attic are the same; these are not. While both areas are perched under the roof of a house, you should never confuse one for the other. An attic is an enclosed space (confined just like a typical room in the house), complete with a door. In contrast, a loft is an open space. You probably have one in your house. If you do, consider yourself fortunate. Since a good storage space is at a premium these days, having a loft can be very practical. In fact, many people use their lofts to store clutter theyRead More →

The 5 Best Areas To Focus on With Your New Bathroom

Image via Getting your bathroom remodeled doesn’t just add niceties and comfort for yourself. It also increases the value of your home and makes it more attractive to potential buyers. The thing with remodels is, you want to get it right the first time. Making the wrong choices can leave you with a room with less space than you started off with in the first place. There’s also plenty of water flowing through the room, so a remodeling mistake can cause leakage and start water damage in other areas of the home. You’ll want to start off by deciding what you want to focus on,Read More →

Cool and Convenient Pantry for Efficient Food Storage

Image via Storage areas are essential elements in keeping the house clean and organized. Household items that are rarely used are usually placed in the attic, garage or basement; personal items go to the closets; and food supplies stay in the kitchen cupboards and refrigerator. But since the kitchen is one of the busiest rooms in the house, you may want to think about upping the cupboards with an efficient pantry. This is a small room designed for storing food and kitchen provisions, usually with a clean and organized look that makes it convenient to find items or make an inventory of supplies. A pantryRead More →

After Answering Nature’s Call:  The Battle of the Potty Clean Ups

  Nobody likes discussing their private habits in public.  This holds especially true for what people do after they potty.  Yet, there has been much argument lately about the benefits of using the bidet to clean up after answering nature’s call.  According to those who would like to promote the use of the bidet as an environment-friendly tool, using this handy toilet helper saves loads of toilet paper.  Yes, toilet paper comes from trees too.  So when you save on TPs, it just follows that you also contribute to keeping more trees from being cut and processed into consumer products.  There are also those whoRead More →

The Benefits of Tile Flooring

  Tile flooring has been a popular flooring choice for centuries, and for good reason. Tile flooring has a timeless beauty that looks great in virtually any home! Not only is tile flooring aesthetically beautiful, but many other qualities exist which make tile flooring the perfect flooring choice for your home: Ceramic tiles are a natural product, making tile flooring environmentally friendly. Tile flooring is durable, and can outperform and outlast many other flooring choices. Tile is stain, odor and dirt resistant, making maintenance easy. Some tile flooring is extremely resistant to scratching, depending on the grade. Tile flooring comes in a plethora of colors,Read More →

Laundry Rooms for More Pleasant Washing

Image  via Doing the laundry is not always among the most favorite household chores.  The laundry room is often a hodgepodge of items that are not necessarily laundry related.  This makes the chore all the more unpleasant to do.  The fact is that your clothes are not disposable and you have to face the reality that you need to do your laundry.  You might as well make it a more pleasant experience by organizing and fixing your laundry room in such a way that you actually feel comfortable in it. You will be surprised at how a few organizational tools and accessories can makeRead More →

Small Condominium Interiors for Kitchens that Save Space

  In order for a small condominium to feel like home, giving attention to every part of it is essential. People who want to design and decorate their small condominiums need to find a way to make every room special that fit the theme that is wanted. Often, the rooms that get all the attention are living rooms and bedrooms. Kitchens, too, need attention because there is much work done in this area especially for families who love eating and entertaining. Great condominiums start with having functional and creative small condominium interiors, and this is where the help of an interior designer comes in handy.Read More →