Upcycling: Finding Better Ways to Use Waste

One of the causes that environment advocates has long been fighting against is irresponsible waste management and wasteful use of resources. Their recycling campaign has proved to be effective and most communities today have their own reuse and recycle practices. Another waste management campaign that has grown in popularity is Upcycling. This is the process of using old or discarded materials and transforming it to something that is useful or one that has more value. The glamorous side of Upcycling can be found in works of art or fashion designs of known artists and designers. Some of these designers and their budding protégés even holdRead More →

Functional and Spiced Up Balcony Container Gardening

  A balcony can either be one of several things depending on the size of your home. For instance, a balcony in a special room of a big house is reminiscent of a personal sanctuary. It’s usually where the lady of the house takes her breakfast or it’s where some members of the family escape to when they want some peace and quiet. On the other hand, for small homes, a balcony becomes somewhat like an extension that attempts to blend the outdoors and the indoors. As a wing of a bedroom, a study, or a family room, one can use the balcony as anRead More →

Top Tips for Teaching Kids to Be Green

Image via http://www.eforearth.com The concept of being green isn’t just something that adults should consider when they’re old enough to make a difference – people of all ages can do their bit for the environment and, if we all made a few little changes, the positive impact on the world around us would be incredible. As more and more research is aimed at global warming and climate change, now would be a perfect time to get your kids on board and encourage them to go green, too. As adults, the changes that we can make are much more prominent, particularly when it comes to the savingsRead More →

  Your lighting choices have an effect on your future; they can affect your finances and the environment as well. Some people choose their lighting fixtures mostly based on aesthetic appeal. However, choosing wisely takes more than just considering the kind of illumination these bulbs provide. Functionality is one of the things you need to consider. Just how much light do you need in a particular room in your house? You might think about economizing and just installing a single bulb in a room. Perhaps what you might not correlate to your bad lighting choice is your inability to concentrate on the things you haveRead More →

  Many homes today are shifting to greener alternatives in power sources. Solar energy is one of the most popular options that is convenient and affordable. Aside from being environment friendly, there are more practical benefits to having a solar panel installation in your home. One of the biggest benefits of solar energy is that it is less expensive. You will have to spend on installation costs but the investment is well worth every penny. You are bound to save a considerable amount on your energy bills. Some governments even offer tax incentives for those who are using alternative power sources. There are also someRead More →

Commercial and Residential Uses For Solar Energy

  Solar energy is energy generated by the sun. You’ve probably heard of a number of ‘solar powered’ things during your life – like batteries, fans and even small cars. As people become more aware of the benefits of solar energy, the numbers of people opting to have a solar energy system installed in their home are steadily increasing. Businesses are catching on to this trend as well. The number of businesses having solar energy systems installed has also increased exponentially over the past few years. Still for some, the question of why would anyone want a solar energy system in their home or businessRead More →

Worm Composting Is a Fine Example of Upcycling

Image via http://www.transformcompostsystems.com/ “Upcycling is the process of converting waste materials or useless products into new materials or products of better quality or for better environmental value.” – Wikipedia In the simplest of terms, upcycling means converting a useless object into something useful. Although it’s along the same lines as recycling, the two should never be confused. Recycling is more complex, as, more often than not, it involves a chemical process. Recycling involves breaking down something (hence, tampering with its chemical composition) and creating an entirely different object from it. There are many clear-cut examples of upcycling. Nevertheless, the best ones are those that are notRead More →

Make Your Home a Green Energy Advocate

image via http://www.automatedlifestyle.com.sg/ All around us, we see posters, signage, advertisements, and other blatant admonition for us to start thinking and going green. Today, more than ever, various government and non-government entities are encouraging us to start taking care of the environment. They tell us to do it not only for ourselves but for our children, too. With the rate the destruction of the environment is going, it’s only right for people to double their efforts in salvaging and preserving what’s left of it. Nevertheless, you don’t have to be part of an institution or a group of green advocates just to go green. YouRead More →

  Although there is much buzz about living green and being eco-friendly, many of the modern conveniences that people today enjoy are not exactly good for the environment.  Packaging materials like plastics and Styrofoam are fast filling up the world’s landfills and sea beds.  The same holds true for our electronic gadgets and peripherals.  Although we cannot do away with most of these things, there are ways through which we can lessen their impact on the environment.  For example, the life cycle of toner cartridge packages can be prolonged so that they remain useful and stay out of the landfills for a longer time.  About a million tonerRead More →

  Most people view their roof as an essential part of the house that protects its inhabitants from the harsh external elements. However, these home elements can offer residents much more than just protection if they will simply explore greener ways of building it. Having a green roof is a trend that can be seen in modern buildings. These are structures that cover their roof with plants or vegetation for both practical and aesthetic purposes. Here is a look on what a green roof can offer modern homeowners and building owners. Find inspiration from what it can benefit you. 1. Insulation. Enjoy its cooling benefitsRead More →