This article gave me the goosebumps. I am so encouraged to start a mini-vegetable garden on our backyard. Twenty Genetically Modified Foods Coming to Your Plate Into by Jack Adam Weber Article by Stephanie Rogers – Intro – If the need to halt GMOs were not urgent enough, this article should scare the pants off you. Here we glimpse some of the potentials for the unabated and bizarre proliferation of GMOs. Some of these developments you will already know about (hopefully), but some will come as a surprise. As I see it we are now at a crossroads where we can still dismantle this dangerous andRead More →

This is so scary. I wonder if this experiment happened in other places aside from Winnipeg, Canada and if this practice is still ongoing. WINNIPEG, Manitoba (Reuters) – Pigs that might have become the world’s first genetically modified animals approved for human consumption may instead face an untimely end, as key backers of Canada’s “Enviropig” project withdrew their support for the controversial engineered animal. Scientists at the University of Guelph, 90 km west of Toronto, bred the first GMO pig that was developed to address an environmental problem in 1999. The animal – known as Enviropig – digests its feed more efficiently than naturallyRead More →