I am still on a hunt for a new phone and I haven’t decided what unit I should buy yet. The apple iPhone is not totally out of the equation yet since I am also pining for the latest iPod iTouch. I just need to convince myself that an iPhone is what I need more than what I want. Until then, I will hang on to my dear Nokia phone, which is “dying” but still serving its purpose for almost 5 years now.Read More →

Last year, part of my major spring cleaning activity was giving away of a lot of our baby stuff.  I was a bit sentimental going through those things, because almost all of them were used by my two kids.  So, it was important that I passed them on to a friend or at least someone we know. Now, I still have a few baby items with me that I am thinking whether to give away or sell.  We have a baby monitor, unused teethers that are still in the original packing, rattles and unused breast milk containers.  I hope to dispose them off before theRead More →

I was browsing the Internet one time last month and I landed on a page with a listing of work-from-home opportunities. The page somehow does not look legit, in short, the whole job website seems to be a scam. Especially when I clicked the “Ghostwriter wanted” ad and the job requires someone who is keen to write. It didn’t say what topics will be referenced, say diet pills or lipozene reviews, or whether the hiring company is in the medical or advertising business. With that, I think that website is a fluke.Read More →

I was told that by age 40, both men and women should have colonoscopy. It is a critical health check, I would say, that is frequently ignored by many until a problem occurs. No wonder these days, many colon cleanse products are gaining popularity. I haven’t tried colon cleansing yet but at my age and stage in life, I think it is a good idea to add this to my priority list.Read More →

Between my two kids, my youngest is turning out to be the picky eater.  His palate seems to have preference for pasta or saucy foods.  Since it is not everyday that I cook these types of food, he ends up having bread, cereals and fruits to augment his needs for solid foods.  As for his milk intake, it automatically doubles during days when he doesn’t take in much solids. I was worried for a while, but I was assured by his pediatrician that as long as he is not getting sick or weak, or falls behind the standard weight for his age, then he isRead More →

Two years ago, I made a simple AVP (audio-visual presentation) for my mother’s 60th birthday. Since I wanted to share it with family and friends, I uploaded the 8minute video to YouTube. But to my dismay, the background music was taken out of the clip. I didn’t bother to investigate how I can bypass the copyright check until I uploaded a second AVP I made, this time for my niece’s 7th birthday. Lo and behold, this clip came out of my google search when I eagerly checked a way for me to keep the audio on my AVPs. Bypass Music Copyright on YouTube After followingRead More →

I was able to contribute a short AVP for my niece’s 7th birthday party. It was a simple slideshow of photos with short video clip inserts with matching upbeat music. My niece liked it so much that she posted a note for me on Facebook that she watches the AVP everyday. It made my heart leap. The only drawback was that they weren’t able to secure a projector and da lite screens. They showed the AVP using a standard-sized TV. But nevertheless, as told by my niece, all the guests loved it.Read More →

We are so blessed that we live in a quiet suburb.  The people surrounding our house are all pleasant and the ones living just beside our house are good friends.  We never thought of getting smart home systems like some of our friends living in far away suburbs.  But of course, these home systems come only secondary to the One who truly provides peace and safety.Read More →

My little girl has been asking me for a guitar or a piano lately.  I think her interest in music and arts is growing largely because of her exposure in school and also at home.  We almost always have music playing in our house.  So, just tonight I maxed out our credit card rewards points to get a spanking new Yamaha beginner’s keyboard!  I was surfing the website since this afternoon and was not interested to get kitchen appliances or other gadgets just to make use of our credit card points.  Until tonight, I saw the keyboard and googled it for reviews, and they wereRead More →